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Dosing underway in Innovent Bio's early-stage study of IBI321 in solid tumors via SeekingAlpha#news  #SeekingAlpha 

Karyopharm's selinexor shows encouraging activity in COVID-19 preclinical study via SeekingAlpha#news  #SeekingAlpha 

Rio Tinto's B.C. aluminum operations hit with strike via SeekingAlpha#news  #SeekingAlpha 

Amazon is said looking to accept bitcoin payments by the end of the year via SeekingAlpha#news  #SeekingAlpha 

Arm Holdings is said to consider public float if sale to Nvidia doesn't happen via SeekingAlpha#news  #SeekingAlpha 

Fed likely to debate timing, amount of tapering MBS purchases at meeting via SeekingAlpha#news  #SeekingAlpha 


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Pfizer: mRNA COVID vaccine is transforming and more to come #NBTintheNews  via @SeekingAlpha 

*** Gamestop (NYSE: $GME) announced they will purchase $120 million per month of bonds until the stock price reaches their target level, including $80 billion a month in Treasury bonds and $40 billion in mortgage-backed securities - SeekingAlpha

Remember that guy that did pair trade? Long MYGN Short NVTA Remember how much shit I got for staying calm? Remember the panic sentiment? MYGN down 50%. NVTA up 100%. Maybe next time don't react when a SeekingAlpha contributor shorts a Top Pick. Maybe keep perspective.

"Forget The Crash: Markets Want To Go Higher From Here" Yep. Earning no longer matter.... @SeekingAlpha 

'To The Moon' Vs. 'Coronavirus Crash II' Vs. 'Armageddon' #investing  #Coronavirus  #COVID19  $QQQ $SPY @SeekingAlpha 

"$NRZ: Homeowners in COVID-19 forbearance rise to 9.0% of mortgages" @SeekingAlpha 

(Bloomberg) -- U.S. coal use plunged more than 13% in 2019, the most in 65 years (h/t @SeekingAlpha )