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Boris Johnson is a 'great guy' who has 'very strong core values' and the Labour Party is 'full of people that don't like this country', Tory MP @AndrewRosindell  has told LBC. @TomSwarbrick1 

🔴 Boris Johnson will be forced to resign because he is "damaged beyond recovery" over "partygate", a senior Scottish Tory predicted

👀 Tory rebels are biding their time before making new moves to oust Boris Johnson

Government whips 'threatened Tory defector with changes to seat boundaries'

Kwarteng blocks £1.2bn subsea cable project backed by Tory donors

Bury South have been left with a Tory in disguise following Christian Wakeford's defection

Kwarteng blocks £1.2bn subsea cable project backed by Tory donors

Kwarteng blocks £1.2bn subsea cable project backed by Tory donors


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BREAKING: @UKLabour  newest MP - former Tory@Christian4BuryS  -backs up @William_Wragg  allegations about rebel MPs being threatened by whips. He says he was told that plans for a new high school in his constituency could be scrapped unless he voted a certain way.

James O'Brien takes a look at Tory leadership hopeful Dominic Raab's interviews and pulls them apart one-by-one.

Rishi Sunak found £4,000,000,000 in tax cuts for wealthy bankers, but refused the £20-a-week Universal Credit uplift to struggling working class families. That tells you about the priorities of this super-rich Tory Chancellor.

the funniest part of the second jobs saga is that some Tory MPs spent this year telling footballers to stick to their day jobs

The Prime Minister won’t change the rules to stop sexual harassment after a Tory MP was found guilty. But he has just confirmed that he will change the rules to allow cash for access after a Tory MP was found guilty of breaking the rules on paid lobbying. Says it all. #PMQs 

A former Tory politician, Steve Dechan, was handed a £120 million PPE contract by the government. It's been revealed that quality issues meant just 0.23% of the items have been used. That's £423 per visor. But Steve bought a £1.5 million mansion, so at least someone's happy...

Migrants don't rob the public purse of billions of pounds. That's tax dodgers. Migrants don't buy influence & subvert democracy. That's billionaires. And migrants don't let our schools & hospitals fall into ruin. That's a Tory government working for the 1%, not the 99%.

Kate Bingham, heads Britain’s vaccine task force. No experience in that area. She’s a venture capitalist. Married to a Tory minister. Dido Harding leads Test & Trace. No experience in that area. Married to a Tory MP. Mike Coupe, head of COVID testing. No experience etc etc etc

UPDATE: We can’t get a single Tory MP to come on @GMB  tomorrow to defend their Government. There are 365 of them. Has there ever been a more gutless bunch of cowards in the history of Parliament? One of you grow a pair - we’ll take any of you.

Big shoutout to everyone who voted Tory thinking they would only fuck up life for other people