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What was the total number of #Trex  that ever lived? Roughly 2.5 billion, according to a new Science study. Read more of the study on the iconic species: #ScienceResearch 

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#KumbhCovidConundrum | Deadly turn at Kumbh pilgrims, but Uttarakhand caps crowd at 200. ‘Faith triumphs over science?’ On INDIA UPFRONT, Rahul Shivshankar talks about the action taken against Nizamuddin Markaz event which was held last year.

Deadly turn at Kumbh Mela - pilgrims, seers test COVID positive. Faith placed over science & health? Rahul Shivshankar on INDIA UPFRONT. | Tweet with #KumbhCovidConundrum 

Faith triumphs science every time. But let us not be selective. The biggest peddler of fake narrative is religion: @ARangarajan1972 , Author, tells Rahul Shivshankar on INDIA UPFRONT. #KumbhCovidConundrum 

Be Ready to Play in association with @whitfieldclinic  is a season-long Gaelic Games Coaching & science'>Sports Science programme suited to players of all ages & levels #GAAn  @OfficialCamogie , a @LadiesFootballd  . Registration remains open here:

Today, the FDA announced it will hold a public virtual workshop to discuss the current landscape and science underlying morphine milligram equivalents (MMEs) and their uses. The webcast is scheduled for June 7-8, 2021 from 9 am-5pm ET each day.

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A computer science professor who checks his inbox 'once or twice' a week gives 4 tips on cutting back email use to be more productive

@Noahpinion  i wasn't really getting at the intellectual origin of the idea (it's hardly rocket science!). More that it took off politically in Europe (esp France, Hungary) before in US. The Muslim focus is also originally a European preoccupation (see eg Douglas Murray)

Deadly turn at Kumbh Mela as pilgrims, seers test COVID positive. But Uttarakhand caps crowd at 200. Faith placed over science & health? Rahul Shivshankar on INDIA UPFRONT. | Tweet with #KumbhCovidConundrum 


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"If one day, my words are against science, choose science." Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

The good thing about Science is that it’s true, whether or not you believe in it.

Odd. No one is in denial of America’s Aug 21 total solar eclipse. Like Climate Change, methods & tools of science predict it.

‘People are dying … science should not be partisan.’ — Watch @Ocasio2018 ’s spirited defense of environmental justice from 2019

Scientific American has never endorsed a presidential candidate in our 175-year history—until now. The 2020 election is literally a matter of life and death. We urge you to vote for health, science and Joe Biden for President.

Retweet if you think public health decisions should be based on science, NOT politics.

Protect yourself and your community from coronavirus with common sense precautions: wash your hands, stay home when sick and listen to the @CDCgov  and local health authorities. Save the masks for health care workers. Let’s stay calm, listen to the experts, and follow the science.

Dear Science Deniers, (Anti-vaxers, anti-maskers, climate hoaxers, flat-Earthers, etc) You found one another & communicate via stupefyingly advanced technologies that pivot on the discoveries of scientists. Just thought I’d remind you of that fact. Sincerely, Your Smart Phone

Bill Nye is fed up. And I’m with him. Trust science. “We’re all one species.” I’m here for all of this...

Remembering Stephen Hawking, a renowned physicist and ambassador of science. His theories unlocked a universe of possibilities that we & the world are exploring. May you keep flying like superman in microgravity, as you said to astronauts on in 2014