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"You cannot suppress journalists or the media by force or fear," exiled Bangladeshi journalist sarwar'>Kanak Sarwar told CPJ. "I believe, eventually, the Bangladesh government must listen and respect people’s voices and journalists to hear the truth."

In September, Nusrat Shahrin Raka told her brother, Bangladeshi journalist sarwar'>Kanak Sarwar, that someone created a Facebook account impersonating her. That fake profile landed Raka in jail – a move Sarwar believes is in retaliation for his work. #FreeNusrat 

"People and businesses cannot be expected to live their lives subject to ad hoc and last minute decision making," says ScotLab leader sarwar'>Anas Sarwar. FM Nicola Sturgeon says judgment needed rather than rigid approach. Live updates ➡

The High Court today refused to grant bail to Nusrat Shahrin Raka, sister of journalist sarwar'>Kanak Sarwar, in two cases filed over spreading anti-state propaganda using digital platforms and possessing narcotics #Bangladesh 

Scottish Labour leader sarwar'>Anas Sarwar calls on the Conservative party to refer itself to the EHRC to investigate Nus Ghani's Islamophobia allegations. @ShelaghFogarty  | @AnasSarwar 

sarwar'>Anas Sarwar attacks SNP 'blind spot' as Labour leader demands government focus on covid recovery

Lockdowns should be approved by Parliament, says sarwar'>Anas Sarwar, under support framework published under plans to live with virus, via @ElsaMaishman 

sarwar'>Kanak Sarwar worked as a journalist in Bangladesh for more than 20 years before he fled in 2016 after he was detained for nine months. In October, #Bangladesh  police detained his his sister, Nusrat Shahrin Raka, who remains behind bars. #FreeNusrat 

The first minister was visibly rattled by Scottish Labour leader AnasSarwar’s criticism at Holyrood days after the £700 million ScotWind deal was unveiled.


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sarwar'>Anas Sarwar insists Scottish Labour candidates must be pro-UK and will not be allowed to back independence, via @alistairkgrant 

Learning about death in August of Ali Sarwar, longtime Dostum commander. I interviewed him 2020. Hazara, father of six. Killed by Taliban leading successful breakout from Sheberghan to Mazar & credited w saving 00s. Survived Battle of Qala-i Jangi 2001. Luck finally ran out. RIP.

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sarwar'>Anas Sarwar confirming that, regardless of how Scots vote, in this election he won’t respect the mandate they give over #indyref2  That’s not democracy. And it’s the reason they’re going to lose yet more seats. #SP21  #BBCLeadersDebate 

sarwar'>Anas Sarwar says he didn’t sack a Scottish Labour candidate for supporting #indyref2  That should be easy to fact check. #SP21  #BBCLeadersDebate 

Listening to Anas Sarwar on #andrewmarrshow  and it seems he has completely forgotten his prominent role alongside the Tories in #BetterTogether  in 2014

Scottish Labour leader sarwar'>Anas Sarwar insists he spoke out about discharging patients into care homes in March and April last year. @C4Ciaran  asks: “Are you sure?”

FACT CHECK - sarwar'>Anas Sarwar refused to work with Douglas Ross and @ScotTories  to stop the SNP. Now he spends his energy attacking Douglas rather than Nicola Sturgeon. He’s turned his back on pro-UK voters. #BBCLeadersDebate 

Anum isn't my cousin - or related to me in any way, Aamer Anwar isn't my dad (old enough to be right enough) and sarwar'>Anas Sarwar *is* my brother, but only from another mother. All Brown people aren't related, get this garbage right in the bin. Anum won selection on her own merit.

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Would be churlish not to recognise Sarwar & Lennon are effective Parliamentarians, I have respect for them both However, problem for Labour is not the messenger but the message