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@kokoro_cuts  i asked it to make a shitpost about ai ai: solves world hunger, masters quantum physics, creates art 🌎🧪🎨 also ai: thinks a banana is a phone, mistakes doggo for muffin 🍌☎️🐶🧁 oops!

One lesson from the Silicon Valley Bank debacle: The held-to-maturity (HTM) accounting classification obscures more than it reveals, Sandra J. Peters, CPA, CFA, explains.

$ZIMV [15s. delayed] filed SEC form 4: Chief Accounting Officer Schneider Sandra: Delivered securities 843 of Common Stock at price $5.5 and Converted securities 3,592 of Common Stock at price $0 on 2023-03-10, holding 2,749 shares

Masters handball titles for eight counties

For long-time desert resident and 1975 Dinah Shore winner Sandra Palmer, the wait for the @GolfHallofFame 

Metallica, masters of business, buy vinyl plant

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Sandra Beauchamp was recommended contractors to renovate her home for sale by a close friend. But, she said the contractors sold her belongings instead.

Eight different counties claimed silverware on a packed weekend of All-Ireland Masters Singles finals at Kingscourt, Co Cavan. #GAABelong 

Jason Logan: Golf’s Big Three — Scheffler, Rahm and McIlroy — have emerged as Masters favourites


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Arizona patriots - We need all of you to swamp the polls in support of Kari Lake and Blake Masters. And STAY IN LINE no matter what. We can win this!!!

Barbados will become a republic this week, replacing Queen Elizabeth as head of state. British colonizers enslaved over 380,000 people to work on Barbados' sugar plantations. Sandra Mason, set to be the first president, said she wants to "fully leave our colonial past behind."

Barbados has elected its first president and is removing Queen Elizabeth as head of state. Dame Sandra Mason will be sworn in on Nov. 30. The country, where British colonizers enslaved thousands for its sugar industry, says it wants to "fully leave our colonial past behind."

Haiti is the only country in the world where descendants of enslaved people were forced to pay reparations to descendants of their masters for generations. Nobody knew exactly how much Haiti paid France — and at what cost to its future — until now.

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Biden evades “Court Packing” question. @FoxNews  Because his puppet masters are willing to destroy the U.S. Supreme Court. Don’t let this, and so many other really bad things, happen. VOTE!

Sandra the orangutang started washing her hands because she saw all the zookeepers doing it repeatedly during the COVID-19 crisis. Wash your hands. Be more like Sandra.?❤️??

101-year-old Indian woman wins 100 meter dash at World Masters Games in New Zealand as the only competitor in the 100+ age category.

IT ONLY TAKES 2 SECONDS TO RETWEET: AMBER Alert issued in AZ for 17yo Sandra Rios-Chevez of Idaho. Police say Miguel Rodriguez-Perez abducted her, and Rodriguez-Perez's phone has been pinged in Kingman. Call 911 if you see her.

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Oh it's masters Sunday ! Cannot wait. favourite sporting day of the year. . Hope everyone is cheering on @JustinRose99  . ?