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Mantashe warns strike-hit Sibanye it may lose mining right

Collaborative approach necessary to make SA mining industry globally competitive again

Swing 🚥 Signals $SAND 🟡 $1.29 $XTZ 🟡 $1.73 $ZEC 🟡 $108.87 $MKR 🟡 $1,432.89 $EOS 🟡 $1.31 $AXS 🟡 $21.12 $THETA 🟡 $1.27 $AAVE 🟡 $90.30 $KLAY 🟡 $0.43 $GRT 🟡 $0.16

Image Resources has revealed a more than ten-fold increase in its total mineral sand stocks in an updated mineral resource estimate following its acquisition of the McCalls project near Gingin in WA. #BULLSNBEARSWA 

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Clive Palmer, mining billionaire dubbed ‘Australia’s Trump,’ stirs up election

ED has told the high court that suspended state mining secretary Pooja Singhal had a a role in the allotment of the mining lease to Soren#Jharkhand  #HemanSoren 

Asteroid-mining company gets incentives to move headquarters to Denver

Swing 🚥 Signals $SAND 🟡 $1.28 $XTZ 🟡 $1.74 $ZEC 🟡 $105.49 $MKR 🟡 $1,433.37 $EOS 🟡 $1.31 $AXS 🟡 $21.27 $THETA 🟡 $1.28 $AAVE 🟡 $91.98 $KLAY 🟡 $0.43 $GRT 🟡 $0.16

Swing 🚥 Signals $SAND 🟡 $1.30 $XTZ 🟡 $1.76 $ZEC 🟡 $106.67 $MKR 🟡 $1,434.67 $EOS 🟡 $1.32 $AXS 🟡 $21.56 $THETA 🟡 $1.29 $AAVE 🟡 $93.05 $KLAY 🟡 $0.43 $GRT 🟡 $0.16


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@stats_feed  Price of lithium has gone to insane levels! Tesla might actually have to get into the mining & refining directly at scale, unless costs improve. There is no shortage of the element itself, as lithium is almost everywhere on Earth, but pace of extraction/refinement is slow.

Game off. What started out as postponements due to a pandemic has now become about clubs not having their best team . The Premier League must stop this now , draw a line in the sand and say all games go ahead unless you have an exceptional amount of CV cases . It’s wrong 👍

Moderator: Is water wet? Pence: Susan, I wanna talk about sand.

Three former administration officials tell us President Trump “pressured” government officials to direct wall contracts to Fisher Sand and Gravel. The company has been awarded almost $2 billion in contracts, despite questions about the quality of its work.

If President Obama had crossed his stated Red Line In The Sand, the Syrian disaster would have ended long ago! Animal Assad would have been history!

“In my opinion the President has done more good on the Korean issue in the last year and a half than President Obama did in eight years. If you look at the strides they made during the Obama years, which advocated strategic patience-they stuck their head in the sand. This is.....

Pelosi is now leading a delegation of 9, including Corrupt Adam Schiff, to Jordan to check out Syria. She should find out why Obama drew The Red Line In the Sand, & then did NOTHING, losing Syria & all respect. I did something, 58 missiles. One million died under Obama’s mistake!

More than 275 bipartisan bills are collecting dust on Leader McConnell’s desk. He may want to bury his head in the sand, but the House is committed to working #ForThePeople .

To win World War I, brave Americans fought through snow, mud, & sand with bombs dropping from above, landmines in the ground below, & bullets flying at their faces. The least of their worries was rain. It’s an embarrassment can’t find his way to honor our fallen.