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#UPDATE  Moscow said Russian President Vladimir Putin and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron had called for a "complete " halt to fighting in Karabakh and said they were ready to intensify diplomatic efforts to help solve the conflict

He has a reputation as one of the toughest interrogators in TV news. For instance, Wallace asked Russian president Vladimir Putin in 2018 why so many of his political opponents ended up dead.

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The United States, European Union, Britain, and Canada regard his presidency as illegitimate, but he has the backing of long-time ally Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japan’s new Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga on Tuesday had their 1st phone talks since the latter took office, reaffirming their mutual intention to continue efforts to advance the entire range of bilateral relations: the Kremlin

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Russian president Vladimir Putin’s $1.6bn project to build a string of regional cultural centres has come under fire after staff of the foundation in charge of it were laid off and claimed they were not paid.

French President Emmanuel Macron promised to help with mediation in the political crisis in Belarus, but Russian Vladimir Putin lashed out at "unprecedented external pressure."

"According to French media, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a phone conversation with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, even suggested that Navalny might have poisoned himself in an attempt to discredit Russia."

French President Emmanuel Macron has promised to help with mediation in the political crisis in Belarus, but Russian Vladimir Putin lashed out at "unprecedented external pressure".

Russian President Vladimir Putin and South Korean President Moon Jae-in discussed forging deeper bilateral cooperation

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Alexei avalny, a politician and corruption investigator who is Russian President Vladimir Putin's fiercest critic, was flown to Germany two days after falling ill on Aug. 20 on a domestic flight in Russia.


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CIA: “We assess that President Vladimir Putin & the senior most Russian officials are aware of & probably directing Russia’s influence operations aimed at denigrating the former U.S. Vice President, supporting the U.S. president and fueling public discord”

Michael Cohen released the forward of his upcoming book on working for the president, which says it details scandalous actions that include setting up a back channel to Russian leader Vladimir Putin and lying to Trump’s wife about his sexual infidelities.

“President Donald Trump has told aides he'd like to hold an in-person meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin before the November election”

Think about this: President Trump has said many more kind words about Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin than American hero John McCain.

A Russian prankster glued a massive portrait of President Vladimir Putin to the inside of a residential elevator. He then placed a camera in the elevator to record people’s reactions.

MOSCOW, Sept 30 (Reuters) - The Kremlin said on Monday that Washington would need Russian consent to publish transcripts of phone calls between U.S. President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

White House aides took remarkable steps to keep President Trump's phone calls with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Russian leader Vladimir Putin from becoming public, according to people familiar with the matter.

BREAKING: President Vladimir Putin warns new Russian weapons will target US if it deploys missiles to Europe.

BREAKING: New declassified report: Russian President Vladimir Putin 'ordered' effort to influence U.S. presidential election.