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Boris Johnson says law must be observed in Prince Andrew Epstein row but insists it's a 'matter for Royal Family'

It was a royal romance that was never a fairy tale: Princess Margaret and photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones, a combustible, complicated couple who ended up being the family’s first divorce.

@Freda56533875  Perhaps I should remind you that it was Meghan’s court papers about the royal family which made the news this week. And Harry’s comments on racism for Diana Award which made the news this week. Neither resulted from what you inaccurately call ‘sniping’. So get your facts right.

The divide between the Sussexes and the Royal Family appears to be widening. @CamillaTominey  reports on what it means for the Queen 👑👇

“No such approach has been made and otherwise it is really is a matter for the royal family" – Boris Johnson

Court documents reveal that the Duchess of Sussex felt "unprotected" and "silenced" by the royal family over her treatment by British tabloids

Make no mistake, al-Sharq al-Awsat does not deviate from Saudi official positions. If #MBS  is not behind this, he needs to see who in the royal family is not happy with the #Iraq  #Saudi-  rapprochement. (5)

The divide between the Sussexes and the Royal Family appears to be widening. @CamillaTominey  reports on what it means for the Queen 👑👇

Meghan Markle reveals that she felt “unprotected” and “vulnerable” during her pregnancy by the royal family in new court documents, what do you guys think? 📷: @Forbes 

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After departing the Royal Family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle now appear to be committing to the “chase for celebrity” status according to Former speaker of the house Bronwyn Bishop.


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Meghan Markle and her husband say they're stepping back as senior members of the Royal Family and will "work to become financially independent." They'll split their time 50/50 between the UK and North America.

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People say I'm too critical of Meghan Markle - but she ditched her family, ditched her Dad, ditched most of her old friends, split Harry from William & has now split him from the Royal Family. I rest my case.

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More than 2,000 Americans have already died from the coronavirus, but the President of the United States is tweeting about his television ratings, poll numbers, and the Britishroyal family. I have never seen a president this wilfully incompetent.

I don't begrudge Prince Charles & Camilla having COV-19 tests given he is the heir to the throne. But there are legitimate questions to be asked about why members of the royal family can instantly get them but NHS workers can't.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have said in a statement they "intend to step back as 'senior' members of the Royal Family and work to become financially independent"

Queen Elizabeth found out that a member of the Royal Family was friends with pedophile Epstein The Queen: - Banished them from Buckingham Palace - Stripped them of Royal duties - Banned them from conducting business - Cancelled their Birthday Party What did Hillary do to Bill?

REMINDER: An ABC News reporter said on-camera that she "had the story" exposing the largest pedophile ring in the world. She "had Clinton" in connection to the pedophiles. She said ABC killed story for access to the Royal Family. Not a single journalist has asked her about it

Breaking News: The White House restricted access to records of sensitive calls President Trump had with Vladimir Putin and members of the Saudi royal family

London part of trip is going really well. The Queen and the entire Royal family have been fantastic. The relationship with the United Kingdom is very strong. Tremendous crowds of well wishers and people that love our Country. Haven’t seen any protests yet, but I’m sure the....

Could not have been treated more warmly in the United Kingdom by the Royal Family or the people. Our relationship has never been better, and I see a very big Trade Deal down the road. “This trip has been an incredible success for the President.” @IngrahamAngle