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Ranging from national parks, monuments, hiking trails and more, explore the best tourist attraction in all 50 states and Washington D.C. Which tourist attraction is your favorite?

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The power company that owns the Fairfield Lake State Park property has a sale pending with a developer, but remains open to discussions with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

'You can hang me through the decision of the Filipino courts, but my god, not by a foreigner,' former national police chief Sen. Ronald dela Rosa said.

A proposal to ban tobogganing at all but two municipal parks in Oshawa was voted down after a lengthy council debate and a wave of public pushback.

The six unions that represent workers in Walt Disney World's parks and hotels voted overwhelmingly to reject a contract offer made by the company on Friday evening.

You can catch a free ride on IndyGo Saturday to mark Transit Equity Day, which celebrates the birthday of Rosa Parks.

Tyre Nichols, who loved to skateboard, could soon have his name emblazoned on skate parks in Memphis and Sacramento.

Mark your calendar, Parks and Rec summer camps are coming back— and spots are limited.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials tranquilized two wolves near Walden on Thursday and fitted them with tracking collars.

Daily News | Parks and Recreation summer camps to open registration


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We don’t need gun control. We just need to avoid churches, malls, supermarkets, mosques, concerts, synagogues, cinemas, parks, pre-schools, middle schools, high schools, college campuses, mass transportation, the outdoors in general… (1/513)

Asbestos shouldn’t be legal. Cars should be fuel efficient. We have a right to clean air and water. Our national parks and monuments should be held in trust for future generations. Also insider trading is bad. Please vote for Democrats in November.

Today we celebrated the passage of landmark legislation that will preserve America’s majestic natural wonders, priceless historic treasures, grand national monuments, and glorious national parks. It was my great honor to sign the Great American Outdoors Act into law! #HR1957 

We MUST protect our National Parks for our children and grandchildren. I am calling on the House to pass the GREAT AMERICAN OUTDOORS ACT today. Thanks @SenCoryGardner  and @SteveDaines  for all your work on this HISTORIC BILL!

62 years ago today, Rosa Parks stood up for what is right, what is fair, and what is just, by sitting down on a Montgomery city bus and refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger. Her actions took raw courage and helped ignite a movement. #goodtrouble 

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The National Park Service is diverting $2.5 million, which is collected by entrance fees to pay for improvements at parks nationwide, to fund Trump's July 4 spectacle -- to which his political donors get VIP tickets, via @eilperin  @jdawsey1  & @DanLamothe 

As of today, this shutdown is the longest in history. The costs are already high: People are missing paychecks, losing business, or working without pay. Our national parks are overrun with trash. The FDA and FBI warn of the harm to our food safety and national security.

‘Parks and Recreation’: Leslie Knope Writes Letter to America Following Donald Trump’s Victory

We're aiming to open many of our gardens and parks for free during this difficult time, so the nation can use open spaces to relax and refresh, while following the government’s social distancing guidance. We will be closing our houses, cafés and shops this week.

To the hard-working federal employees Trump just screwed by cutting pay — the folks who run our parks, protect our communities, & serve our veterans: YOU MATTER. If billionaires can get tax cuts, you should get a COLA. You work hard for America & that should add up to something.