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British Gymnastics said it refuted the claims made by Ros Anwyl and the ex-employee. In relation to claims made against a coach, the organisation said the case was 'ongoing' and it would 'welcome the Independent Review looking at our handling' of it

'I feel that I did let them down by leaving, I should've faced it, I should've stood up to her' Ros Anwyl believes now is the time for Jane Allen take responsibility Full report by @stevescott_itv  on ITV Evening News at 6:30pm

‘To say that she wasn’t happy would be an understatement.' Former British Gymnastics Membership manager, Ros Anwyl tells ITV News the suspension of a high-profile coach in 2011 made the CEO of British Gymnastics Jane Allen angry More here:

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Irene returns to the house where her father sexually abused her, from a very young age. Only when she was 19 and had moved out did she feel strong enough to confront him. Now, 3 years later, she shows us where that abuse took place: 📷 ros'>Lorena Ros#WPP20 

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#Phytochemical Betanin Modulates the Production of Reactive Oxidative Species (ROS)

Great to hear @Bobby_Seagull  and @rosaltmann  talking so much sense on #bbcaq  today 📻 Ros’s point about pensions credit for the poorest not being protected by the triple lock is a very important one 🔐


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Team: fab, sag, djourou, squill, clichy, song, cesc, jack, arsh, nasri, Cham. Subs: Ros, rvp, wal, den, eboue, Gibbs, szcz

I’m getting the impression that the Coalition hopes to just ride out the sports rorts saga - with other news distracting from it. People need to remember it took months of scrutiny before Paul Keating finally removed Ros Kelly. This can’t be allowed to fade from view... #auspol 

LAP 1/66: DRAMA!! ROS goes past HAM HAM spins, collides with ROS Both Mercedes OUT! #SpanishGP  #F1 

BREAKING: VES given five-second penalty for incident on Lap 70 1 HAM 2 ROS 3 VET ⬆️ 4 RIC ⬆️ 5 VES ⬇️ #MexicoGP  ??

Rep. ros-lehtinen'>Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the Florida Republican, criticized Trump with tough words about his Puerto Rico tweets. She told me that Trump is “heartless” and cold” and “I don’t think he believes Puerto Ricans are Americans.” She also said Trump acts “racist” on a number of issues

I see a total of four Republicans in Congress -- Mia Love, Carlos Curbelo, ros-lehtinen'>Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Erik Paulsen -- have condemned Trump calling Haiti and Africa "shitholes." Zero GOPers in leadership. Zero.

Full quote from Rep. Ros-Lehtinen to WaPo: “It’s needlessly hurtful & absolutely wrong. He’s casting doubt on the death count and making it about himself? It’s all about having people not believe anything they see or hear, so even life or death has a political spin. It’s so low.”

ROS: "I want to say congrats to Lewis for his efforts. It's always tough to beat you and you were fast all year as always" #AbuDhabiGP  ??

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ROS: "That was not the most enjoyable race I've had! I'm glad it's over and am absolutely ecstatic. The win was for my wife" #AbuDhabiGP 

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