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One of eastern Europe's most acclaimed film-makers, Romania's Cristian Mungiu, is back at the Cannes Film Festival with RMN, a dark tale about how little it takes for people to turn on their neighbours @AFP  #Cannes2022 

One of eastern Europe's most acclaimed film-makers, Romania's Cristian Mungiu, is back at the Cannes Film Festival. #jakpost 

Ramzi Shaheen has played soccer in Dubai, England and Romania. Now, he's scoring goals for Lansing Common.

More than 6 million Ukrainian refugees have fled their country since the war started. As frontline countries like Romania find their public finances stretched - what EU help is available? #RealEconomy  w/ @EU_Social 

More than 900,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Romania since the war started. How is the country handling the cost of this humanitarian emergency? Watch more: w/ #RealEconomy  @EU_Social 

The dog we adopted from Romania before Christmas is about to see her mum for the first time since they were separated at the kill shelter

Are you a refugee from Ukraine? UNHCR can help. Visit the page for the country you are in. Hungary: Poland: Romania: Slovakia: In any other country: @Refugees 

🎥 From the depths of Romania's forests, to icy roads, to clandestine warehouses. Watch our latest short film showing how INTERPOL supports @_PolitiaRomana_  and forestry officers in their fight against illegal logging. ▶️ FULL VIDEO OUT NOW ON YOUTUBE:

SITREP DAY 85 1. UMSenate passes Lend-lease bill 86-11 2. Another day, another phone call: between USChief of JCS Gal.Mlley and RU CHOD Gerasimov 3. Mariupol: the end. Love of nation and heroism. Слава! UA 4. 🇨🇵 stations Mamba air defence system in Romania

Lear Buckles In This Romania-Based Seating Materials Specialist $LEA


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Iasi airport in Romania absolutely packed with Ukrainian refugees taking flights to Bucharest, Dublin, Vienna, Warsaw. The only flight not full with Ukrainians is the one to London Luton, because they wouldn’t be allowed on without visas. Feels quite shameful as a Brit.

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Just left Ukraine to Romania. Huge queues of 6+ hours in snow and wind, caused by Ukraine border checks. On the Ro side: food, hot drinks, free buses, help, volunteers, arranging of rooms. Free travel on Ro trains. Textbook case of a civilised and humane approach to refugees.

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Poland needs to send their 27 MiG 29s fighter jets to Ukraine right now. Slovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria do so. The US. in turn needs to send Poland F16s. Same for our other allies. Get this deal done. Every day counts. Putin is bombing airfields every day.

Please NATO leaders, send all MIG fighter jets that we have -- 70 altogether, 27 alone in Poland -- to Ukraine right now. NOW! And once Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, and Slovakia send these planes, other NATO countries should send air reinforcements to these frontline states.

This afternoon, I met with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis in Bucharest. We reaffirmed that the United States and Romania, along with our allies and partners, stand together in opposing Russian aggression in Ukraine. NATO is united and stronger than ever.

I am en route to Warsaw, Poland and later this week to Bucharest, Romania. This trip comes at an important moment as the United States continues to demonstrate unity with our NATO Allies and provide support to the people of Ukraine in response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

On a plane to Romania today I bumped into @CelticFC fans who invited me to join them watch their team play @CFR_1907_Cluj . So I did. @Oedouard22  impressed along with Celtic's discipline and determination. Great match and Celtic got a vital away goal to take into the second leg.

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Tomorrow I will go to Romania as a pilgrim, to walk together with our brothers of the Romanian Orthodox Church and with the Catholic faithful. I ask you, please, to pray for me.

I think this is a big deal. Earlier this month, John McCain and I sent a letter to Romania’s government pushing them to stand up to corruption. Then, Giuliani - Trump’s spokesman - sent a letter contradicting both our letter and the State Dept position. And he got paid for it.