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As the wisdom goes - both things can be true. #RoeVWade 

Roe v. Wade: U.S. Supreme Court revisits abortion rights challenge @AP  via @globalnews  #RoeVWade 

Biden vows 'whole-of-government' fight after Supreme Court allows Texas abortion curbs #SupremeCourt  #RoevWade 

Abortion bans and domestic violence have a lot in common. They are both about power and control. #RoeVWade 

Why is the mainstream media not FRANTICALLY covering what is happening in Texas tonight regarding #RoeVWade ?!

ROE V. WADE - Do you think the Supreme Court will rollback abortion rights? #SCOTUS  #RoeVWade 


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48 years of #RoevWade , and we're not going back. Reproductive justice for all.

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'We won't be silenced': Rep. Gaetz hits Twitter for 'censorship' of pro-life video #RoevWade 

On the anniversary of #RoeVWade , I join women all across this country in sending one message loud and clear:

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47 years ago #RoevWade  made a woman's right to choose law of the land. We must keep fighting to make sure it stays that way.

What would *really* happen if #RoevWade  was overturned? Here’s a detailed analysis