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Abortion and Roe v Wade is one of the most common political questions I am asked. #NHPolitics  #RoeVsWade  #SCOTUS 

Did you know the @UUtah  has opened a rapid contraception clinic following the overturn of #RoeVsWade  ?

A 10-year-old rape victim was pregnant. Fox News refused to believe it was true | @h0llyb4xter  #shes10  #RoeVsWade 

People in countries from Ireland to Argentina protested the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to overturn #RoeVsWade .

#Google to delete location history data for abortion clinic visits! #RoeVsWade  #RoeVWade 


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The right-wing is a global disgrace. A mammoth shame. It humiliates women, takes away their fundamental rights. #RoeVsWade 

This is what AOC had to say to Congress after the Supreme Court overturned #RoeVsWade .

What a sad day for the women of America; The U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. #RoeVsWade  #abortionrights 

1/What happened to providers, patients and protesters at one #Texas  clinic when #RoeVsWade  was overturned

Texas attorney general says abortion now illegal in state and declares June 24 a holiday for his office #RoeVsWade 

Reproductive Freedom is a Civil Rights issue - @AniDiFranco  #MidTerms2022  #RoeVsWade  ♀️

THE HISTORY OF ABORTION Told by: Me Please watch. Please share. #RoeVsWade  #RoeVWade