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“Ten years cost $100,000 to launch 1 kilo into space..with cheap..Russ­ian rock­ets..$20,000 to $30,000. To­day, it’s $5,000.”­other or­der of mag­ni­tude, to $500, once Star­ship—SpaceX’s su­per heavy, fully re­usable rocket—is op­er­a­tional.

#TheOC was a "rocket ship" experience for star Ben McKenzie. See more from his @StreamPE  #CouchSurfing  episode:

Falcon 9 has landed. SpaceX has recovered the Falcon 9 first stage aboard a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean — the fifth time this particular rocket has launched and landed.

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The Falcon 9’s upper stage has ignited after the rocket shed its first stage booster. The first stage is beginning its descent back to Earth targeting a landing on SpaceX’s drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Texas COVID update: 306 newly reported deaths bring state total to 7,803. Hospitalizations in steady decline to 8,302. But that positivity rate, man ... 17.05%. We were in a 2-week decline before boarding a rocket ship back up the last week. It was 12.05% a week ago.

"It was a rocket ship, and I think we all kind of hung on for dear life." 🌊 @ben_mckenzie 

#SpaceX has launched a prototype of its #Mars  rocket-ship 500 feet into the air, landing it upright in #Texas .

30 Australians are currently in training to be among the world's first space tourists. They've paid $350,000 each to be on board Virgin Galactic's rocket ship. #7NEWS 


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Twitter has removed many people from my account and, more importantly, they have seemingly done something that makes it much harder to join - they have stifled growth to a point where it is obvious to all. A few weeks ago it was a Rocket Ship, now it is a Blimp! Total Bias?

Trump said today the economy is "taking off like a rocket ship." Really? Real unemployment is 21.2%. 32.5 million are out of work. Youth unemployment is 29.9%. 1 in 4 Americans are skipping meals. The president is completely out of touch with reality.

Watch SpaceX's #FalconHeavy  rocket lands its center core on a ship for the first time ?

ROCKET SHIP’: US Retail Sales Surge 17.7% in May, Biggest Monthly Increase in History

Rocket made it to drone spaceport ship, but landed hard. Close, but no cigar this time. Bodes well for the future tho.

Drone spaceport ship heads to its hold position in the Atlantic to prepare for a rocket landing

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“For the first time in the history of our country, prescription drug prices have gone down. They have been like a rocket ship until I got here. And we have more to do. They're going to go down further.”—

2,500 year-old artifact found in Istanbul which many believe to depict a rocket ship.

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Next rocket landing on drone ship in 2 to 3 weeks w way more hydraulic fluid. At least it shd explode for a diff reason.