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“The site with most voters assigned to it is Robert Wagner Middle School on East 75th Street in Manhattan.” Can confirm the lines here are insane. My wife just got back. 5 hours, 19 minutes.

The massive statue of Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Va., will stay in place in the former capital of the Confederacy at least a while longer as a lawsuit over the governor’s plans to remove it plays out

EMBEZZLEMENT CHARGE Sgt. Robert Sanchez, with @SanLeandroPD , has been charged with embezzlement and misappropriation of funds according to the department. He is accused of manipulating the payroll systems for personal gain.

Robert E. Murray, who used an aggressive acquisition strategy to build Murray Energy into a coal-mining giant even as falling prices drove rivals out of business, died Sunday

Just In: Judge rules in favor of Virginia Gov. Northam's plans to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee — but says state can't immediately act on his order

“We have clear scientific evidence they work, and they are our best defense,” said Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of the CDC.

Prince Harry was treated worse than Prince William by the royal family, royal biographer Robert Lacey claimed in a recent interview.

Judge sides with Virginia, but Robert E Lee statue stays put for now in Richmond

“We have clear scientific evidence they work, and they are our best defense,” said Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of the CDC.

Richmond’s Robert E. Lee statue will stay put until lawsuit resolved, despite ruling that favors Northam


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First, President Trump beats James Comey and Robert Mueller. Then, he beats Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler. And now? He beats #COVID19 . God Bless America.

When two dozen phones belonging to Robert Mueller’s crooked henchmen magically all get erased how is anyone supposed to have any faith in our justice system? Imagine how long all the witnesses they railroaded would be in jail for if they had done that “by accident?”

Will the next debate moderator ask Biden about his close friend & KKK Exalted Cyclops, Robert Byrd? Will he be asked what he meant when he said he didn't want his kids growing up in a "racial jungle?" No wonder both David Duke & Richard Spencer have endorsed Joe for President!


BREAKING: Robert E. Lee High School in Fairfax County set to get a new name: John R. Lewis High School, named after the late Congressman and civil rights icon. More later on #FOX5DC .

Is James Comey and his band of Dirty Cops going to apologize to General Michael Flynn (and many others) for what they have done to ruin his life? What about Robert Mueller and his Angry Democrat Cronies - Are they going to say, SO SORRY? And what about Obama & Biden?

I will Veto the Defense Authorization Bill if the Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren (of all people!) Amendment, which will lead to the renaming (plus other bad things!) of Fort Bragg, robert'>Fort Robert E. Lee, and many other Military Bases from which we won Two World Wars, is in the Bill!

This dad had his daughters thinking they were going back to school for April Fools 😂⁣ (via Robert Scott Gower Jr/Facebook)

Robert Downey Jr. has announced the formation of a new organization with the goal of using cutting edge tech to save the environment

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