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The role of the clerk is a hard one but Watkiss has been through *a lot* - the Rob Ford "experience", as Dave calls it, a mid-election council cut and more. But they still managed to have a little "fun"

things were so much simpler in the rob ford times

With ridership up 20 per cent, the system has come a long way from when Rob Ford prematurely declared the bike-sharing a “failure” in Toronto, @GraphicMatt  writes.

Del Grande, a veteran trustee and politician who served as former mayor Rob Ford’s budget chief, said his proposed amendment was about “keeping our Catholic Schools authentically Catholic.”

rob ford'>Remember Rob Ford and how people laughed at his antics? We are the joke these days

Jim Gaffigan on Pale Tourist and Rob Ford series: 'It's Shakespearean'

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@JimGaffigan  on The Pale Tourist and Rob Ford series: 'It's Shakespearean' Via @markhdaniell 

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I always thought having Damien Lewis play Rob Ford was a gaffe in the movie Run This Town. This time it's not a gaffe but a gaff! @JimGaffigan 

@JimGaffigan  on finding what's funny in Canada and his upcoming role as Rob Ford in a new mini-series. #ThePaleTourist 


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The FBI routinely investigates allegations like Dr. Ford’s. They did it with Anita Hill’s allegations 27 years ago and they did it this year with allegations against Rob Porter. The FBI needs to investigate and the Senate needs to wait until that’s done.

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I'm glad they're rewriting the fact that it was a female reporter who investigated Rob Ford. Why have a woman be a lead character when a man could do it? Ammaright?

Rob Ford fought cancer with courage and determination. My condolences and best wishes to the Ford family today.

Drop everything you're doing and watch @modernfamily  tonight. I directed it, and it's funny. Not Toronto mayor Rob Ford funny, but still...

This Rob Ford guy is proof that you can get pretty far just on looks and charm.

OBITUARY: Former mayor Rob Ford dead at age 46

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BREAKING: Rob Ford's family says the councillor and former Toronto mayor has died.

BREAKING: Family says former Toronto mayor Rob Ford has died at 46 after fighting cancer.

VIDEO: Mike Tyson goes on a NSFW tirade on live TV after a reporter asks a Rob Ford question

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