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Did Rudy just commend Trump's "disciplined work ethic"? #RNCConvention 

Trump: "Remember this, they spied on my campaign and they got caught." False: #RNCConvention 

HUD Secretary Ben Carson speaking at the #RNCConvention  "Right now we need real. We need courage."

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This video from Ann Dorn is the most effective moment of the convention. Enraging and heartbreaking. #RNCConvention 

183,000 dead and everyone at the #RNCConvention  is lying about it

That opening video for the #RNCConvention2020  was excellent! A very good start ????

#Melania When the stigma (of drug addiction) is removed, people suffering will ask for help. True. ?? @FLOTUS  #addiction  #RNCConvention2020 

The pro-woman montage would be great if not know...all the other stuff. #RNCConvention 

Trump to a COVID survivor: "And how long was your...problem?" #RNCConvention