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Ex-tank commander doesn't think much of Rishi's new military budget.. #RishiSunak  #UKPolitics 

Rishi Sunak has electricity grid upgraded to heat his private pool — #RishiSunak  isn’t on a prepayment meter

‘If you come…’: #RishiSunak  warns immigrants illegally entering UK #UK 


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Dear @RishiSunak , looking forward to the game tonight. If Les Bleus win (they will!), you’ll wish us luck in the semi-final… right?

Ladies and gentleman, meet the person @RishiSunak  just chose to be the public face of his party 🤯

A disgrace. You should be ashamed of yourselves @BorisJohnson  @RishiSunak  and the rest of you.

The restraint required by @RishiSunak  not to tweet, “told you so,” is superhuman

JUST IN: @RishiSunak  has been elected as the Leader of the Conservative Party

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So you only have aspiration if you went to private school eh? Glad we got that clear @RishiSunak  #PMQs 

Who’s been in charge for the past 12 years @RishiSunak ?

#WATCH | The United Kingdom's PM-designate#RishiSunak  arrives at 10 Downing Street in London. (Source: Reuters)

Britain's Conservative Party leader #RishiSunak  becomes the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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