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Church of England, fund managers to press mining groups after Rio Tinto scandal

A coalition of global investors managing a collective $14 trillion has written to Australia's biggest mining companies describing Rio Tinto's destruction of Aboriginal rock shelters as a wake-up call | @NickToscano1 

Church of England, fund managers to press mining groups after Rio Tinto scandal via @FinancialNews 

Church of England, fund managers to press mining groups after Rio Tinto scandal

@DanielAndrewsMP  @thorpelidia1Defenders  of the site have been arrested, fined, and reportedly injured. Australia was shocked at Rio Tinto's wanton destruction of the Juukan Gorge - but it's happening all over again. We must do everything within our power to stop it.

Dozens of global investors have written to Australian mining giants describing Rio Tinto's blasting of ancient Aboriginal rock shelters as a wake-up call.

$10trn investor group presses resources giants after Rio Tinto crisis

Exclusive: Investors controlling more than $10trn of assets are writing to dozens of the world’s biggest miners to demand that they justify their “social licence” in the wake of the crisis sparked by Rio Tinto’s destruction of an ancient Aboriginal site.

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Former Rio Tinto chief executive Sam Walsh has joined the board of one of Saudi Arabia's biggest mining companies.


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#BREAKNG : The chief executive of Rio Tinto is stepping down in the wake of the destruction of ancient rock shelters in the Pilbara earlier this year.

After more than a week, why hasn't Morrison condemned this? Rio Tinto's corporate arrogance has robbed all Australians. Juukan Gorge's shelters nine-times older than Stonehenge, 23-times older than the Colosseum and 75-times older than Machu Picchu.

Rio Tinto is an utter disgrace. Destroys our ancient indigenous heritage.Then cries crocodile tears as opinion turns. The same arrogant company that spent tens of millions with BHP in a campaign to defeat my govt on a fairer mining tax. #RioTintoArrogance 

NEW: Report reveals Rio Tinto knew the significance of 46,000-year-old rock caves six years before it blasted them

Last month, mining company Rio Tinto blew up a 46,000 year old sacred site at Juukan Gorge, Western Australia, reminiscent of Isis destroying ancient temples at Palmyra. The company had been warned, but went ahead. Protest tomorrow, 9th, at Rio Tinto, Hay Street, Perth, at 1pm.

Noongar Elders confront Rio Tinto in Perth following the miners’ destruction of 46,000 year old sacred sites in WA’s Pilbara. #Riotinto  #auspol 

So, turns out in 2015 Rio Tinto even made a documentary WITH the PKKP traditional owners about the archeological discoveries in Juukan Gorge. Whilst Rio Tinto has apologised for destroying the 46,000 year old site it defies belief they did not know how important the sites were.

Extraordinary interview with WA Treasurer Ben Wyatt on @RNBreakfast  about destruction of 46,000 yr-old cave sites in Pilbara. Federal Minister says he knew but didn't take further action. State minister didn't know. Rio Tinto says it is "sorry" but hasn't yet agreed to interview

Explaining the inexplicable. How Rio Tinto was able to blast a 46,000 year old aboriginal site, and the complicated but ultimately ineffective legal regime that allowed it. So much for ‘black tape’

GLENCORE the world's biggest exporter of thermal coal has buckled to investor demand & announced a cap on production BHP says within a decade coal will lose its competitiveness to renewables & RIO TINTO no longer produces coal at all. RIO CEO is calling for a global carbon tax