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MacKenzie Scott, a billionaire philanthropist who has donated vast sums of her wealth in recent years, has filed for divorce from her second husband, a science teacher whom she married in 2021.

"There was debris are everywhere smashed up in the street," says Scott Carlos, Fort Myers resident who rode out the hurricane. Fort Myers is one of the hardest hit areas in the state.

Billionaire MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett are parting ways.

“He’s got access to a range of things that no other coach in the competition would have access to.” How the “spin-off bonus” of Scott’s AFL role could help Essendon | | #AFL 

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The breakup punctuates an eventful period for MacKenzie Scott, who in less than four years divorced Jeff Bezos, gave away more than $12 billion and married a teacher from her children’s school.

MacKenzie Scott is among the foremost philanthropists in the U.S., donating billions of dollars over the past two years.

BREAKING: Essendon has poached AFL football boss Brad Scott to be its new coach. 7NEWS Adelaide at 6pm | #7NEWS 

Scott Turow’s new book "Suspect" displays the longtime Chicago author in ferocious form. More from @rickkogan 


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“As far as I’m aware she does not have any degree in economics.” “I was and I remain a professor of economics.” This is what happened when a Brexit Party MEP questioned the expertise of Green MEP Molly Scott Cato over post-Brexit trade.

ONE LESS: Scott Pappalardo owned his AR-15 rifle for more than 30 years. He even has a Second Amendment tattoo on his arm. This weekend, he destroyed his gun “to make sure this weapon will be ever be able to take a life.”

WWE is saddened to learn that two-time WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall has passed away. WWE extends its condolences to Hall’s family, friends and fans.

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The WWE family will forever remember Scott Hall as a gifted entertainer and 2-time WWE Hall of Famer, a loving father and a dear friend.

Rick Scott was up by 50,000+ votes on Election Day, now they “found” many votes and he is only up 15,000 votes. “The Broward Effect.” How come they never find Republican votes?

Thank you Scott, and stay tuned. You are terrific!


“The Kremlin is reportedly backing Bernie Sanders bid to win the White House.” Jon Scott@FoxNews  Why didn’t somebody tell me this?

I never thought I would live to see a day when the Supreme Court of the United States would again make a decision as inhumane as Dred Scott v. Sandford or Korematsu v. United States. #StandWithMuslims  #NoMuslimBanEver 

Can’t believe Michael Scott is Travis Scott’s dad