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Periodic reminder that Democratic candidates have won by at least 10 percentage points the past 7 presidential elections in California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Vermont, and Rhode Island.

As Rhode Island plans to delay the start of its public schools by two weeks, Gov. Ned Lamont and the state Education Commissioner reaffirmed the importance of reopening schools safely and their preference for in-person learning.

#Breaking: New Jersey has also removed Rhode Island from their travel advisory list.

Connecticut updated its travel advisory list Tuesday, removing four states — Alaska, New Mexico, Ohio and Rhode Island — but adding Hawaii, South Dakota and the Virgin Islands.

Opinion | Three years ago this week, Donald Trump broke Washington's vow to a Rhode Island synagogue that the U.S. government “gives to bigotry no sanction," writes @DanielBShapiro 


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Why is rhode island nor a road or an island

The tiniest state is moving toward shortening its official name — Rhode Island and Providence Plantations — due to connotations of slavery. The latter phrase will be removed from state documents under an executive order by the governor.

Rhode Island, known formally as the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, will drop the latter half of its official name on state documents and websites following an executive order signed by Gov. Gina Raimondo.

A federal judge in Rhode Island just wrote a really interesting decision about climate change. Pretty strong stuff from a Republican-appointed, fact-based federal judge.

....he could not have been nicer or more respectful to your favorite President, me. Then I saw the column he wrote, “Trump Will Be Re-elected, Won’t He?” He called me a Racist, which I am not, and said Rhode Island went from economically bad to great in 5 years because the.....

ICYMI: Rhode Island#LLWS  coach Dave Belisle delivers heartfelt speech, reminds us all what it's really about. »

In 1790, President George Washington wrote to Jewish congregations of Newport, Rhode Island, that the US Government "gives to bigotry no sanction,” adding his hope for Jewish Americans that "every one shall sit in safety” with "none to make him afraid."

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Why We Love Sports Today: After LLWS loss, Rhode Island coach Dave Belisle delivers a heartfelt speech to remember. »

Rhode Island u are one of my favorite crowds so far..... thank u thank u! got hit in the head w one of those bouncy balls BUT WORTH IT

Wow: Rhode Island is going to pay for every DACA recipient's $495 renewal fee, @GovRaimondo  announces.

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