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Reza Pahlavi's father was deposed after the Islamic Revolution in 1979. #EuropeNews 

Former Iranian ambassador to Afghanistan Mohammad Reza Bahrami said in an article that the current situation in Pakistan is the most difficult situation that this country has faced in the last two decades. 1/5 #TOLOnews 

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IR One of the chief victims of radical clerical rule in Iran has been religion, historically a bulwark of Iranian society now seen as a tool of tyranny. 👉 Reza Saidi-Firouzabadi in @KayhanLondon , now in English via @worldcrunch 

As a sociologist, I have one thing in common with Iran's former crown prince and exiled heir apparent, Reza Pahlavi.

NEW on the Economics Observatory – What are the big economic challenges facing the government in #Iran ? By Mohammad Reza Farzanegan#EconTwitter 

JUST PUBLISHED on the Economics Observatory – What are the big economic challenges facing the government in #Iran ? By Mohammad Reza Farzanegan#EconTwitter 

IR Iran's exiled and surprisingly popular crown prince Reza Pahlavi can help unite opponents against the country's brutal regime. ➡️ F. Haqiqatjou for @KayhanLondon , in English via @worldcrunch 

Reza Pahlavi said that a regime change would end human rights violations, an aggressive foreign policy, and "behavior inconsistent with peace and stability" now occurring in Iran.

The eldest son of the last shah of #Iran , Reza Pahlavi, has urged Western governments to support popular efforts to topple the regime in Tehran

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🔴 Reza Pahlavi believes the West underestimates the significance of designating the IRGC as a terrorist organisation

In an interview on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, Reza Pahlavi, the son of Iran’s last shah, said the US and Europe should help the Iranian people and a newly unified opposition exploit the cracks in Iran’s leadership.

Read our interview with Prince Reza Pahlavi, the son of the last Iranian shah, to understand more about what Iran may look like should there be a successful revolution.

Reza Pahlavi, son of late shah, voices solidarity with Ukrainians hit by Iranian drones. Islamic Republic "completely destroyed our freedom" and is now "cooperating with those who are putting at risk another nation's sovereignty."

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Reza Pahlavi, the son of Iran's last shah, believes the clerical state that toppled his father is on the brink of crumbling. What Iranians need now, he says, is stronger support from the West

Dr Reza Baqir retiring tomorrow! Exceptional work by him Good bye with a heavy heart! -Roshan Digital Accounts -Flexible Currency -Digital Apps/Conversation -TERF (Loans for expansion of industries) -Medium term inflation/interest rate outlook -Islamic bonds -Mera Ghar, Meri Car

BREAKING / NBC News: Federal prosecutors in New York have announced charges against a state-owned Turkish bank, Halk Bank, in a multi-BILLION dollar sanctions evasion scheme involving Iran. This is tied to a previous case involving Reza Zarrab (old case: )

Kathy Griffin fired. Jane Sanders investigated. Reza Aslan's show cancelled. Need I go on? Try harder, @SeanHannity