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Columbia sportswear CEO Tim Boyle cuts own salary to $10K, retail employees receive regular pay

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Here's the list of essential retail services that can stay open under new government measures

Online retail giant Amazon is now suspending thousands of accounts due to to price gouging.​

The retail building is triple net leased to Giordano’s.

The new normal in retail (and yes, @3M ⁩ masks continue to be out of stock) #coronavirus 

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The retail price of petrol in South Africa will fall by as much as 12% from April 1, while the price of wholesale diesel will fall by around 9.5%, the energy department said on Saturday.

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Quarterly Financial Report - Retail Trade: Seasonally adjusted after-tax profits for retail corporations with assets of $50 million and over were $30.8 billion for the fourth quarter 2019 (the 3 months ending January 31, 2020), up $5.7 (+/- 0.6)… CENSUS

More than 100,000 retail workers have now been stood down in recent days. Country Road has joined Myer in closing their doors. @GeorgiaComensol  #7NEWS 

New store set to join McDonalds, hotel and Lidl at £75m retail park


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I am aware of how difficult it is for the public to get a hospital bed in this tragic time. I am prepared to give my 60,000 square foot 4 story building which is due to be a wedding hall and retail outlet to the @NHSuk  to help people affected by the coronavirus. Pls keep safe.

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why do people look at me like I'm crazy when i use coupons at grocery or try bargaining at retail, IM FROM NEW YORK WHERE IS THE SALE RACK

Why on EARTH is @realDonaldTrump  listing off the names of retail/food service CEOs? Does he think by mentioning their names, stocks will go up? #coronavirus 


What the hell is WRONG with us that we needed armies of already exhausted retail staff back at their posts at 9am this morning?

Retail sales are at record numbers. We’ve got the economy going better than anyone ever dreamt - and you haven’t seen anything yet!

Introducing... Shane Glossin’ clear gloss in my iconic THE GLOSS formula ? Retail: $18.00 ? Vegan. Cruelty-Free. Diet Root Beer soda scented. ? Launching THIS Friday with the entire #Conspiracy  Collection! #ShanexJeffree 

The fact that so many republicans LOVE to refer to @Ocasio2018  as “former bartender” as an insult is them straight up telling you they hate the working class. If you work in service or retail, republicans think you are a joke, a pity, a costume.

"Moody’s Analytics estimates that Trump’s trade war has already reduced US employment by 300,000 jobs... By the end of 2020, the trade war will have killed 900,000 jobs. The hardest-hit sectors: manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, retail."

Fun fact: Retail trade lost more jobs in the past 2 months than coal mining lost in the past 20 years