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the new twitter harassment technique is for someone to reply to you, then block you so that you can't even see the reply and even if you did, you can't hide the reply since you're blocked. this site is janky af.

Feedback and RTs would be appreciated. This is a test of something bigger. Even if you dont want to reply. Dm me feedback. 🤝

“I want to know if you were vaccinated (against Covid) - which vaccine and how many doses?” Bolsonaro unwilling or unable to reply.

Too much attention on reply guys, not enough praise for likes guys. Same as it ever was I guess.

#URGHARO By 11pm ET: Seeking a person with Crohn's Disease who can talk about how it affects their life. Not looking for experts. To reply, email query-eeb @helpareporter .net

#URGHARO By 12am ET: Seeking veterinarians to interview about "how to know when it's 'time to say goodbye' to a pet. To reply, email query-eea @helpareporter .net

'Want condoms too?': #Bihar  #IAS  officer's shocking reply to girl's sanitary pad request, watch For more videos, click here

@TvoldWX  Thank you for the reply, there were some storms that had broad rotation in the Golden Gate area late Tues, so can't rule out a quick spin up. The damage could also be from the stronger large-scale winds associated with the hurricane on Wed. Do you know when the damage occurred?

We’re giving away 2 tix to Sunday's in Peterborough, ON with and ! Doors open at @FriedgeHNIC6  PM @JeffMarek  Transportation is NOT included so you must be in the area. Reply with the correct answer to this trivia Q to be added to the random draw!

@HenleySecnethia We're 40 days away from the US midterms. Democrats have ramped up ad buys in several close House races, outspending Republicans by about $500,000 across 31 key House districts ➡️ Reply to opt out #stop 


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Angela Merkel was asked if she supported the congresswomen being attacked by Trump. Her reply was to the point

I was just asked to be on The National to discuss Roe and abortion...and then I found out it would be a panel with a "pro-life/anti-abortion" voice. I am livid and sent this reply. I couldn't care less if this means I will not be asked back to the CBC. It needed to be said.

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So many of you have been asking, it may not be possible to reply individually,so here’s an update. It’s day 11 of my COVID infection, early patches in lungs, I’m in hospital, but recovering well thanks to doctors & medical caregivers. Pl don’t take this virus lightly.See you soon

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When we choose to vaccinate, we’re not just protecting ourselves and our families - we’re doing our part for a safer community and a healthier future for all. For every like, RT or reply, UNICEF partners will unlock $1 for our vaccine programmes up to $5M. #VaccinesWork 

Reply if there’s a better app

@benwinston I have no reply to that. Everything you said is true . We do lookalike and he does know his football in fairness

Ill equipped for social distancing? How about we fix you up–join our giveaway to win this care package! Here’s what you need to do: ✅ Follow us on Twitter ✅ Like & Retweet this Post ✅ Reply in the comments which game you’ll be playing while staying home

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