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Meet the Press wants to hear from teachers & parents for a special segment this Sunday. Share your thoughts and concerns about the school year in a 10 second video. Include your name and hometown. We may show your video on-air or online. Reply or tag #IfItsSunday 

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Todays’s @BigAlRadio  and @JoJoradio  Poll Question: If you had to get rid of one social media account, which would you choose? (Reply with other) LISTEN on @KOANewsRadio : ⏰: 3 pm 📻: 850 AM // 94.1 FM 💻 & 📱:

#URGHARO By 11pm ET: Seeking commentary on crypto-related crime in 2020. To reply, email query-query-b42 @helpareporter .net.

🤔 GUESS THE PLAYER 🤔 Can you guess who this @nhl  🌟 is? Reply your guess!

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Since we can't travel, I'm painting landscapes of places I'm missing or want to visit (a way to itch the travel bug and also practice self care). This one's a sunset in Sedona. (Feel free to reply w/a landscape you love and I can *attempt* to paint it!)

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1. The House Judiciary Democrats have revealed themselves as obnoxious, dishonest, moronic, and ignorant.  These demagogues support the violent rioters, hate law enforcement, will not allow the AG to reply to any of their idiotic and phony questions.

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I’ve been up for hours you knob I was running late and I’m just about to reply to your text ??‍♂️

@dorksnouis in reply to that stupid video he RT'd . Clearly trying to wind you lot up !!!

Breonna Taylor’s name is no longer trending and the police that murdered her are still free. If you see this please reply/quote/tweet on your own. ARREST BRETT HANKISON, JONATHAN MATTINGLY & MYLES COSGROVE FOR THE MURDER OF #BREONNATAYLOR .

Yesterday I wrote to DNI @Richard Grenell requesting the names of those who were involved in Gen Flynn’s unmasking. Today I received the shocking reply that @JoeBiden  and many others knew! What did President Obama know? I am inviting DNI Grenell to testify next week in the Senate

It’s the holiday season so I’m going to pick two winners who will receive the full 100 Thieves 2018 Winter Collection. HOW TO ENTER: 1) Follow 2) RT this tweet Reply below when done and I’ll pick the winners in the next 48 hours.

Battery's running out sorry to any dms I don't reply too I'm trying