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EXCLUSIVE: State Bar of California investigates ethics complaint against Hunter Biden’s “sugar brother” attorney Kevin Morris by filmmaker Phelim McAleer — who wants him disbarred for allegedly infiltrating the set of “My Son Hunter” using false pretenses

“The storm is here. It is imminent,” Florida Div. of Emergency Management Dir. Kevin Guthrie says. “I know all of the emergency management directors in southwest Florida very well…they’re preparing and are expecting a Cat 5.”

Rep. Debbie Dingell suspects Trump of prank-calling her after her husband died: new book

FBI Veteran Kevin Brock joins #TheGreatAmericaShow . He says James Comey & his team misused FBI authority to go after Donald Trump. Kevin says the FBI is now acting on behalf of a politically motivated DOJ. Join us today at !

New: Gov. Hochul has slightly extended her lead over Rep. Zeldin as the candidates enter the final six weeks of their gubernatorial campaigns.

Governor @GovKathyHochul  has slightly extended her lead over Rep. @leezeldin  as the candidates enter the final six weeks of their gubernatorial #campaigns , according to a new @SienaCollege  Poll released Wednesday.

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This week's @theobserver  Sports Legend interview features my 1-on-1 talk with Wesley Walls, the former Panther Pro Bowl tight end who spins yarns about Kevin Greene, 1996, Archie Manning and the day he got fired. Read it here, or subscribe to the podcast:

FROST ADVISORY posted for the counties shaded in light blue for tonight into Thursday morning. Temps will drop into the low/mid 30s with areas of frost likely. Cover the plants and vegetation. Chief Meteorologist Kevin Craig. #wmiwx  #michigan 

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Oklahoma governor race: Six things the polls show between Kevin Stitt and Joy Hofmeister

Both ideas are in House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy's "Commitment to America, " which @amanda_adkins  touted in a news conference Monday, emphasizing crime and border security issues. #ksleg 


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Let’s be 100% clear. If Republicans win control of the House, Senate and White House two years from now, they will pass a national abortion ban. And no matter where you live, no matter how pro-choice your state is, women and doctors will be locked up for practicing health care.

70 million pissed off republicans and not one city burned to the ground.

It’s official. Republicans want a national abortion ban. It was never about state rights. It’s about controlling women and mandating pregnancies.

UPDATE: Republicans rejected our motion to adjourn until Monday so senators could read the bill they just introduced. RT If you think senators should have time to read a bill that affects every single American.

Retweet if you: Have a right to know what’s in Congressional Republicans' health care plan. (This is everyone.)

All of a sudden Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are worried that someone in America might get a $2,000 check "who doesn't need it." Funny. They had no problem giving a $1.4 billion tax break to Charles Koch and his family with a net worth of $113 billion. What hypocrisy!

Rep @AOC : "I do not need Rep. Yoho to apologize to me. Clearly he does not want to. Clearly when given the opportunity he will not & I will not stay up late at night waiting for an apology from a man who has no remorse over calling women & using abusive language towards women."

Democrats would never put up with a Presidential Election stolen by the Republicans!

Pelosi is holding up STIMULUS, not the Republicans!

Twitter is doing nothing about all of the lies & propaganda being put out by China or the Radical Left Democrat Party. They have targeted Republicans, Conservatives & the President of the United States. Section 230 should be revoked by Congress. Until then, it will be regulated!