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Tina Turner, 80, comes out of retirement looking incredible as she works with DJ Kygo on remix of her classic 80s hit

Very Sad 😥 RT Remix *tyrone_brother We can't raise our kids to LOVE everyone We needed to explain to them how racism is still ALIVE The video had to be cut didn’t expect her to get emotional. ALL she wants is to play with her white friend. No!

LTv3Vhu4GD What the hell you doing here come with me vamos conmigo 🤣 🤣 RT Remix *RafaWildNature Just messing with you! Gorilla Silverback gorilla

Yep I heard it. "Yea you like it huh that's some gang shit."🤣🤣🤣 Good luck. Rt Remix *anibbxo Your man passes you a ring at a restaurant screaming gang shit, and calls it a proposal?😭 RT Remix *VanBanter So we got engaged...

Did you bring the money? I brought $3,000. He owes me $100,000. What 100K? Drop it. RT Remix *JimLeitrim Moldova this evening, building evacuated an hour earlier.

My friends kept telling me to give it up, I said no, I just needed to believe in myself then I cud kick some butt this is my game! RT Remix *JimLeitrim Wow I've played football tennis on a tennis court, this is head tennis on table tennis...takes skill

AJKUHe66YM Openness is just what it is ... 🔥 🤯 satellites RT Remix *dm_ynwa 🔥🤯 Here's one for everyone I blocked today... 👊

From "remix'>Savage Remix" to "Daisies," we round up the 30 best pop songs of Q2, 2020:

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What is your best adventure movie? Mine is mhp :) What a wild ride, estas bien you alright? RT Remix *BerryYNWA Lol Yes My Honey Bear 😍 🤩