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T9UYgWSBbh I would not subscribe to that class if I were you. 😧🤔 RT Remix *wizspgasia Please understand Female Blood Pressure

First of all, I wud not tolerate my child bullied on the school bus I wud have a long talk with those kids' parents Yea that's what I would do 🤣 RT Remix *JosephLadouceur This is where that little girl's parents should go to the local MMA school ...

It's Alright... God's Alright with me! RT Remix via *AMAZlNGCREATION Rain from a distance! RT2 *BerryYNWA

You know I love you, but you already know that right? My cutie pie RT Remix *HAPPYsDANCE *BerryYNWA ...but you know I love you, I love U... Yes I 💓 U...

Turn up the sound! Sit back relax undress your stress, Come go with me for a winter's dream ride oo the snow-covered slopes. RT Remix *KlatuBaradaNiko itsbeautynature

Life is not easy sometimes we have to crawl and stay low. It's alright for the sun will shine again and you'll be dancing in the sunlight. RT Remix *krazykeithrules RT2 *BerryYNWA

Do something every day to make your dreams come true. I think I'll go there and write. Anybody want to go with me? RSVP RT Remix *JuniaSchneider7 NorwayNO 🎥 *lofotenadventure *Bertnfish Cc23 *BerryYNWA

I think I could find something better to do. 😯 RT Remix *ForcedHappenst1 Nerves of steel. Quote Tweet RT Remix via 🎃 Sean Kaen 🎃*OddNMacabre nope - no way - no how - not gonna do it - would you???

Gazza Gazza why make Stupid People famous unfollow their asses 🤣 RT Remix *wizspgasia At the End of the week I take stock Thanks Twitter Friends who Follow back The Penny drops Why the Hell should I follow Big Corps that don't follow back I don't need the Clutter I Live a Life.