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Liz Truss has her Annie Hall Marshall-McLuhan-from-behind-a-fern moment, and it’s with @rickperlstein ⁩. She somehow seems to have come to the conclusion that he’s been writing *favourably* about Goldwater, Nixon, Reagan et al in his histories

A former military officer and staffer in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations founded the TAPS program after her husband was killed in a 1992 plane crash in Alaska.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi on immigration: ‘Our nation is great because we are a nation of immigrants — but don’t take it from me, listen to reagan'>Ronald Reagan. When I quote Ronald Reagan to my Republican colleagues, he doesn’t get any applause. Can you imagine that?’

"Before I could complete it, I was quickly overtaken, by the angry spirits of Ronald and Nancy Reagan." Clutch - X-Ray Visions (Official Video) via @YouTube 

Did CPAC really tweet this unfiltered Russian propaganda? It accuses Ukraine of “occupying” its own country. Reagan’s example of challenging Russian aggression is mocked as “gift-giving”? First Trump, Then Orban, Now Putin.

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Reagan showed it was possible to wrangle foreign manufacturers to the U.S.

If you ever get a chance to tour Air Force One at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, do it.

Metro says work on the Yellow and Blue lines that has shuttered stations south of Reagan National Airport will take two weeks longer than expected to complete — and the opening of the new Potomac Yard Metro station has been delayed until next year.

Is Liz Truss having a Ronald Reagan moment? “It does represent a radical change in policy that is more evocative of Reagan,” Julian Emmanuel says of Truss’ latest move. Listen to the conversation on What Goes Up Apple: Spotify:

📸 @PeteSouza , former White House photographer for presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, launched his new book tour at @MadOrpheum  Tuesday night. @RuthieHauge  moderated the packed event, presented by the Cap Times and @Mystery2MeBooks .


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Watch this extraordinary denunciation of the modern Republican Party by Reagan's former solicitor general Charles Fried. He was born in Prague in 1935 and says today he hears "the same tunes -- and it scares me."

???Dems are mad at Trump for “abusing” his pardon power. Total Presidential pardons/sentence commutations: Carter: 566 Reagan: 406 H.W Bush: 77 Cigar Bill: 459 George W: 200 Obama: 1,927 Trump: 26 Please, by all means, educate me on abuse of power.

I asked President Reagan’s son, Ron Reagan, if his dad would recognize the Republican Party right now. His answer: “He would be horrified by the Republican Party right now, the spinelessness in the face of the pathological entity in the White House right now would shock him.”

So the Washington Post is running the Reagan Foundation, and RINO Paul Ryan is on the Board of Fox, which has been terrible. We will win anyway, even with the phony @FoxNews  suppression polls (which have been seriously wrong for 5 years)!

Paul Manafort worked for Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole and many other highly prominent and respected political leaders. He worked for me for a very short time. Why didn’t government tell me that he was under investigation. These old charges have nothing to do with Collusion - a Hoax!

Great new book just out, “Taken for Granted, How Conservatives Can Win Back Americans That Liberalism Failed”, by Gianni Caldwell, a young winner! He will be at the reagan library'>Ronald Reagan Library, Simi Valley, California, on Thursday at 6 PM, PT. Check it out!

An old picture with Nancy and Ronald Reagan.

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The Heritage Foundation has just stated that 64% of the Trump Agenda is already done, faster than even reagan'>Ronald Reagan. “We’re blown away,” said Thomas Binion of Heritage, President Trump “is very active, very conservative and very effective. Huge volume & spectrum of issues.”

....Paul Manafort came into the campaign very late and was with us for a short period of time (he represented reagan'>Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole & many others over the years), but we should have been told that Comey and the boys were doing a number on him, and he wouldn’t have been hired!