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British PM Johnson delayed his plans to lift Covid-19 lockdown restrictions by a month on Monday, warning that the more infectious Delta variant meant if he did nothing, hospital admissions could hit the peak of the first wave of the pandemic.

Four tests to lift lockdown that haven’t been met

New York hits 70% vaccination rate, CDC says; state to lift ‘virtually all’ COVID restrictions

#BREAKING : New York hits 70% vaccination rate, CDC says; state to lift "virtually all" COVID restrictions

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California on Tuesday will become one of the last states in the U.S. to lift the bulk of its coronavirus restrictions. But that doesn’t mean we’ll immediately snap back into prepandemic life. Here’s what you need to know to be prepared.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has delayed his plans to lift most remaining COVID-19 restrictions by a month, warning that thousands more people might die if he does nothing because of the rapid spread of the Delta variant.

#BREAKING: New York hits 70% vaccination rate, CDC says; state to lift ‘virtually all’ COVID restrictions

Dianne Feinstein joins in bipartisan call for man who nearly tanked the 2020 election by crippling mail service and who is now under criminal investigation for a campaign finance scheme to do better on E-Cigarette regulations. #ThatlShowEm 

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“Laboratories have not demonstrated much solidarity. That's why #SouthAfrica  and #India  filed an appeal at the @WHO  in October 2020 to temporarily lift intellectual property rights, to create political pressure to reopen discussions on C-TAP."


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@MarcusRashford  is way ahead of where I was at 23—and not just because he’s a better athlete. It was great talking with him about everything from our shared love of reading to how we can lift up the next generation of leaders.

Football is nothing without its fans. We’ve seen that clearly over the last 12 months. If fans stand as one against this anti-football pyramid scheme, it can be stopped in its tracks.

“The media does a great job at glorifying white privileged kids." This 12-year-old American gun control activist explains why it's so important to lift the voices of women of color. @NaomiWadler  @Davos 

Maybe it’s a radical idea, but I believe a job should lift workers out of poverty – not keep them in it.

During the Mueller investigation, Trump’s lawyer floated a pardon to Manafort. Manafort withdrew his cooperation with prosecutors, lied, was convicted, and then Trump praised him for not “ratting.” Trump’s pardon now completes the corrupt scheme. Lawless until the bitter end.

GREAT news! New government of Sudan, which is making great progress, agreed to pay $335 MILLION to U.S. terror victims and families. Once deposited, I will lift Sudan from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list. At long last, JUSTICE for the American people and BIG step for Sudan!

When you get in the lift with tonight’s guests! @cbs  12.30 x

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Palm Sunday is the beginning of a Holy week for many people of Faith and a great day to lift our voices in Prayer. I will be tuning into Pastor@greglaurie  at @harvest_org  Church in Riverside, California tomorrow at 11:00 A.M. Eastern.

After listening to the President’s lawyers opening arguments, I have three observations: They don’t contest the facts of Trump’s scheme. They’re trying to deflect, distract from, and distort the truth. And they are continuing to cover it up by blocking documents and witnesses.

Americans know about Trump's Ukraine scheme because people with a sense of duty were willing to step forward and speak out. People like Ambassadors Yovanovitch and Taylor, Lt. Col. Vindman, Dr. Hill. They were willing to risk their careers. Can Members of Congress do the same?