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@MadeleineCuff  Herpetologists say Aesculapian snakes can slot in well to British eco-systems. 🐍📰 And despite media coverage suggesting they devour rats and could crush pets, these non-venomous snakes are mostly harmless.

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Airbnb host called mum 'fatso' after she complained about his pet rats

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What Do We Really Know About Rats? Rats are everywhere-- In 2021 officials estimate the rat population in New York to be over 2 million, up more than 38 percent. Orkin ranked Chicago the "Rattiest City" in the US 2020 for the sixth straight year. #Post 

Airbnb host called Yorkshire mum a 'fatso' after she complained about his pet rats

Yorkshire B&M speaks out as car park 'overrun by rats'

Rats and mice are ticklish, and even laugh when tickled. snapple facts

The rats present on Alberta’s borders are a constant threat and they should be working to push the rat-free zone outward in partnership with allies — who wouldn’t vote for a party with a strong anti-rat platform?

Residents say a proposed ‘super tip’ in Aldridge will produce terrible smells and encourage rats.

More than a thousand rats were found at the facility earlier this year.


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ELON MUSK is a Capitalist. He is buying Twitter to set our FREEDOM of SPEECH free from the rats, rodents, and reptiles hiding in Twitters WOKE Corporate Culture. I love capitalism. I love freedom. I love Elon.

I LOVE ELON MUSK. He turned on the lights and now the rats and rodents running Twitter are running for cover.

In my favorite WTF moment of the #Festivus  Waste report: Your government spent $4.5 million to spray alcoholic rats with bobcat urine.

Calling a group of people an "infestation," comparing them to rats or vermin or cockroaches has been deployed as justification for genocide time and time again. This is just a plain historical fact.

Quote: “We don’t be­grudge Mr. Bloomberg’s [political] spend­ing...But rats'>De­moc­rats and the po­lit­i­cal left say big money cor­rupts pol­i­tics. Now that the big money will be used against Pres­i­dent Trump, we’re not hear­ing complaints about spend­ing. “

Happy 20th anniversary Enema of The State. Thanks to everyone who’s listened to it over all these years. These three skate rats can never thank you enough.

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Quote: “Mr. Schiff and De­moc­rats called the Nunes memo false­leased a ri­val sum­mary of the clas­si­fied FISA ev­i­dence. Now the IG has set­tled the de­bate by con­firm­ing the de­tails in the Nunes memo and ex­pos­ing Mr. Schiff’s un­truths.”

The investigation will flush more rats from the sewers (Rudy!) - but don't get lost in the weeds of quid pro quo: the president abused his power to bully an ally into becoming his campaign's opposition research arm. If it wasn't already a constitutional crisis, it is now.

A study found that, when sober, rats prefer silence, but on cocaine, they prefer jazz.