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Today's #CameraTrapTuesday  closer look at wildlife features the harpy eagle! Did you know that harpy eagles are the most powerful raptor found in the rainforest? They also have the largest talons of any living eagle, and were first described after the 'harpy' mythological beast!

Suns Pulse: Best record midway point, Booker vs. 'Raptor' and back-to-back 30-point react

Whooooo we're exited fo Raptor Week! Eastern screech-owls are experts when it comes to camouflage and can wear either a grey or red mask. These tiny owls are rarely seen and are detected by their whinnying call. #RaptorWeek  (📷 USFWS)

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'I am not Kobe Bryant': Suns' Booker addresses social media, continual 'Raptor' mascot feud talk

What type of raptor produces the cutest chicks? We'll go first: peregrine falcons. RT *exploreorg

Nominee #3-  Booker and The Raptor

Drake just went one on one with the greatest Toronto Raptor of all time Raptors#Drake  #Toronto  #TorontoRaptors  #WeTheNorth  #NBA 

Precious Achiuwa being the only Raptor to handle/touch/shoot the ball in a complete possession just doesn't work

Karambit Knife - Karambit Folding Knife - Folding Karambit Knives - CSGO Raptor Claw Knifes Wood Handle with Clip Pocket Krambite - Best Combat Carambit for Hunting Camping Hiking EDC "In Search of Great Products." #AmazonAffiliate  #Paidlink5 


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Raptor just achieved power level needed for Starship & Super Heavy

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29 Raptor engines and 4 grid fins have been installed on Super Heavy ahead of first orbital flight

First firing of a Raptor vacuum engine integrated onto a Starship

Completed a full duration test fire of the Raptor Vacuum engine at SpaceX’s rocket development facility in McGregor, Texas

Completing feed system for 29 Raptor rocket engines on Super Heavy Booster

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The first Raptor Vacuum engine (RVac) for Starship has shipped from SpaceX’s rocket factory in Hawthorne, California to our development facility in McGregor, Texas

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100th build of a Raptor engine complete

SpaceX foundry casting Raptor engine manifold out of Inconel

First firing of raptor'>Starship Raptor flight engine! So proud of great work by @SpaceX  team!!

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LAUNCH! Starship SN5 has launched on a 150 meter test hop at SpaceX Boca Chica. Under the power of Raptor SN27, SN5 has conducted what looks like a successful flight! Listen to the SpaceXers cheer! Mary@BocaChicaGal ) filming history! Livestream: