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"We need to support the genuine hard-working people": Police seize £1 million of counterfeit goods in Bury New Road raids

Six men have been arrested and fake designer goods worth more than £3m have been seized during a series of raids

One of the raids saw armed officers deployed to support the NCA and Merseyside Police

Fake Cartier watches, Gucci sunglasses and Moncler jackets were seized in raids in Manchester's "Counterfeit Street"

Fake Cartier watches and Gucci sunglasses among £500,000 haul seized in Bury New Road raids

At the start of October, the prosecutors’ corruption probe escalated, with raids on Kurz’s offices and party headquarters. Prosecutors believed the then-chancellor masterminded an illegal effort to pay off pollsters and journalists as he rose to power.

Liverpool Council's Alcohol and Tobacco Unit carried out the raids

IT Department conducts raids on real estate group, claiming the group did not deduct #tax  at source on certain payments claimed by it #Mumbai  #NaviMumbai 

Five displaced civilians were killed by #Myanmar ’s regime during raids on villages and refugee camps in Gangaw Township, Magwe Region, according to resistance groups.


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After weeks of hate raids, Twitch streamers are taking a day off in protest

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Latest updates: May 14 Israel continued on Friday to bombard #Gaza  with air raids and artillery shells as it stepped up the deployment of troops and tanks near the besieged Palestinian enclave. Follow this thread for the latest ⤵

This is the moment the 14-storey al-Shorouq tower, housing media offices in Gaza City, was completely destroyed by multiple Israeli air raids on Wednesday.

Latest updates: May 16 Israel’s bombardment in #Gaza  has entered its seventh consecutive day with air raids in the early hours of Sunday as Israeli PM Netanyahu vows to continue offensive for ‘as long as necessary’. Follow this thread for the latest ⤵

Latest updates: May 17 Israel's heavy bombardment in #Gaza  has entered its second week with air raids carried out in the early hours of Monday. Follow this thread for the latest ⤵️

Latest updates: May 15 Israel’s bombardment in #Gaza  continued for a fifth consecutive day, with Israeli air raids hitting a refugee camp where several Palestinians, including children, were killed. Follow this thread for the latest ⤵

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Israeli airstrikes destroyed a 12-story residential building in occupied Gaza Tuesday. The strike came hours after Israel’s PM Netanyahu said he would increase the “frequency” and “strength” of the air raids. Airstrikes have killed at least 28 Palestinians incl. 10 children.

The day after the Myanmar junta bans five domestic media outlets, it raids the offices of three media outlets in Yangon and arrests at least two editors.

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I'm told the raids from Cleveland and Miami are all about Ukraine money laundering. Billions stolen. It's big deal. Money stolen from USAID.

It’s worse than I thought. Assuming that this executive order is constitutional, which is dubious, the President’s directive on unemployment insurance raids $44 billion from the Disaster Relief Fund to create a new program that underfunded states will have to set up themselves.