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'This is a problem made under their watch' rachel reeves'>Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves MP says that illegal immigration has been on the increase whilst Conservatives have been in government and calls the lack of deportations "12 years of Tory failure" 👉 📺 Sky 501

Rod and Rachel Saunders were attacked three years ago while searching for wild seeds in the eastern KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa

rachel reeves'>Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves MP urges the government to "recall parliament and reverse their budget" to avoid cutting spending elsewhere 👉 📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube

New - Labour's Rachel Reeves says the Government should uprate benefits in line with inflation (party didn't commit to calling for that yesterday) - she urges them to "think again and to honour the commitments that they've made previously".

🗣️ Rachel Reeves, the shadow chancellor, said the Government must “get a grip” and publish the Office for Budget Responsibility's economic forecasts after Kwasi Kwarteng said he is not moving the publication of his medium term fiscal plan forward

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Rod and Rachel Saunders were beaten to death and thrown to crocodiles by a South African gang who were angry with them for abstracting rare seeds from their nature reserves.

Rod Saunders and Rachel Saunders were searching South African brush land for rare seeds to sell online when they were kidnapped, robbed, murdered and fed to crocodiles in 2018.

Advance in-person voting begins but some say an online option is long overdue. Nicole and Rachel have top stories for October 4.

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Rachel Maddow spent some time on her show tonight talking about this speech, so here it is. I went to the Senate floor today to address, one by one, the disturbingly disingenuous Republican criticisms of the American Rescue Plan.

A high school salutatorian in Florida shared the racist experiences she faced at her high school graduation. Rachel Cheng has faced a wave of backlash since her remarks on June 8.

So @TheBabylonBee  has been suspended from Twitter for noting that Rachel Levine is biologically male, using the word "male" to describe the phenomenon of being biologically male, as all humans everywhere have for all time. That is where we are.

24 years ago today Rachel Green ran out of her wedding and into Central Perk ? ☕️

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Thank you to Rachel@maddow  for putting our Military on full display, and showing how GREAT a job the Federal Government is doing! Also, a special thanks to General Semonite, a Patriot of the highest order and a truly talented engineer and builder!

“This guy (Peter Strzok) was organizing a coup to undo the 2016 election.” Rachel Campos-Duffy@FoxNews  And he wasn’t the only one in that Administration. The greatest Witch Hunt in American history!

Madlang People lets all give Rachel Peters a big round of applause! ?????????????????