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Hasidic Jews celebrate #RoshHashanah  to the sounds of an air raid siren in #Uman , #Ukraine . Pilgrims flock to Rabbi#Nachman  grave from all around the world. The local residents speak positively about the holiday during the war. Shana Tova! 🎥 @ZarinaZabrisky 

Synagogue welcomes rabbi, celebrates new year

In the wake of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks's passing, his disciple, 36-year-old Rabbi Dr. Ari Lamm, has taken up the task of trying to bring great Jewish ideas to the wider English-speaking public. #JPostFifty2022  #No38 

Meet Rabbi Angela Buchdahl, the first Asian-American rabbi and cantor who is now No. 35 on The Jerusalem Post's Top 50 Most Influential Jews list! She currently serves as the senior rabbi of Central Synagogue in New York. Learn more: #JPostFifty2022  #No35 

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Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt wrote himself into history in 2022, when, after more than 30 years of being one of the leaders of post-Soviet Russian Jewry, the war convinced him to leave Russia. Read about his impact since the war has started: #JPostFifty2022 

Rabbi Evette Lutman, originally from Akron, Ohio, comes to southern New Mexico from Denver where she served the community for several years. Here's what else we know about her.

One of the occupants of the dorm is Jewish. She told her Rabbi about the incident who urged her to report it to UNF police.

"Rosh Hashanah really stands out in the Jewish calendar as a uniquely, not exclusively, Jewish holiday," said Rabbi Menachem Creditor, scholar-in-residence at the UJA-Federation of New York. The two-day holiday marks the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days.


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Rabbi Yaakov Bleich, Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi, tells @CNN : “The Nazi who should be denazified is one man, and his name is Vladimir Putin. He’s killing those people he said he wanted to protect.”

"Let me say to Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker & to all of my Jewish viewers... you are not alone. We have your back. And in this moment of fear, hate, & violence, you *can* count on the rest of us." Me, on @MSNBC , on showing solidarity against antisemitism:

I’m not Jewish. I wouldn’t pretend to understand the Jewish faith. But if you want to tell me the Chief Rabbi doesn’t know what he is talking about, is taking things out of context or part of a Tory Blairite conspiracy you can f*** right off. This is shameful...

Just now: President Trump invited Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow to offer a prayer for the victims of the attack in Pittsburgh.

Powerful words from Rabbi Goldstein, who survived the shooting at his synagogue in Poway, CA. May we all be inspired by his resilience to combat the rising tide of hatred and violence that has turned too many houses of worship into sites of tragedy.

"Lori took the bullet for all of us. She died to protect all of us. … This is Lori, this is her legacy and her legacy will continue." -- Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein remembers his friend and congregation member Lori who was killed in yesterday's shooting at Chabad Poway.

The actual rabbi of the congregation says Trump is welcome. That's not going to get nearly the same headlines.

#Patriots owner Robert Kraft flew in to Pittsburgh early yesterday to visit the Tree of Life synagogue, where a gunman massacred 11 people. He then attended services at Rodef Shalom, and when invited to speak by the rabbi, he did. I’m told he even spoke partly in Hebrew. #bridges 

President Trump and the First Lady walked alongside Rabbi Jeffrey Myers at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh this evening, placing a white flower and small stone on each of the 11 stars honoring Saturday's murder victims. More in 1600 Daily:

Wyatt Earp was an ordained rabbi who also invented Boo Berry. This is what @KellyannePolls  would call an "alternative fact".