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Roald Dahl originally wanted Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to be black #r4today 

"Nothing in the human rights act gets in the way of tackling terrorism...this is a diversion," says Labour's Keir Starmer#r4today 

Philip Hammond says real reason for election is to get rid of Tory moderates in Conservative party #r4today 

Our first priority is to prevent a No Deal exit from the EU on 31 October. #R4Today 

Should politicians be called out on air as liars if they say things which aren't true? #r4today 

Justine Greening says she won't stand as a candidate at the next election because the Tory Party has become the Brexit party . #r4Today 

Oh dear, oh dear. @Jacob_Rees_Mogg  accuses BBC of "typical, leftie" obsession for challenging him over his re-tweet of AFD speech. #r4today 

The Westminster attacker is no more representative of Muslims than Jo Cox's killer is representative of Yorkshire@MrBrendanCox  #r4today