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Quebec to increase arena capacity before first home game in Habs playoff series

Quebec allows up to 3,500 people at Bell Centre and other venues

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And @sbergeron  added he hoped that this law (I'm not sure if he meant #bill96  or the motion, which was what the initial question was about) would reaffirm the authority of the National Assembly to ensure that it could better protect the French language in Quebec. 14/n

@sbergeron  went on to talk about how he believes the Quebec government is completely within its rights to unilaterally amend the Canadian Constitution by stating Quebec is a nation, that nation's official language is French, and that that is the common language of Quebeckers 13/n

Second part: "acknowledge the will of Quebec to enshrine in its constitution that Quebeckers form a nation, that French is the only official language of Quebec and that it is also the common language of the Quebec nation." 9/n

Does this mean that by voting for this motion MPs give their approval to #bill96  and Quebec's government desire to unilaterally amend the constitution as it proposes (nationhood/language) through s. 45? You can argue no. It just asks MPs to state what's in the Constitution. 8/n

Breaking apart the motion, on the face of it, one can argue it just repeats common facts. "House agree that s. 45 of the Constitution Act, 1982, grants Quebec and the provinces exclusive jurisdiction to amend their respective constitutions" <-- Yes, the Constitution says that 7/n

Instead, because the Conservatives, the NDP and the Liberals all hope to make gains at each others expense , and that of the Bloc, in Quebec all these federalist parties who could have worked together are going to give the Bloc a big win tomorrow. 5/n

Let's recall that this is what @stephenharper  did back in 2006, when @GillesDuceppe  tried to introduce a Quebec nation motion. (Sidebar: at the time, @JustinTrudeau  was critical of @M_Ignatieff  who had suggested recognizing Quebec as a nation). 4/n

Quebec police arrest suspect for 2015 murder of Gatineau man

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To celebrate LGBTQI+ History month, we're giving away THREE @Xbox  One X custom #Pride  consoles. RT this post for a chance to win. ? #Sweepstakes  #LGBTQI  Open in US/CA (excluding Quebec), 18+. Ends 10/18/2020. Rules:

I am a broken record, but if federal leaders are actually genuine about wanting to tackle Islamophobia in Canada, they might start by finding the balls to call out Quebec law that bans people wearing hijabs (and other symbols) from certain jobs

These paid sick days expire in September. The paid sick days in Quebec and PEI are in place ALL THE TIME.

ON THE PROWL: Family watches in awe as a wolf pack wanders by their cabin in Quebec.

Our people die just trying to access public healthcare. Brian Sinclair. Craig Neekan. Joyce Echaquan. Canada, open your eyes. Nurse fired, Quebec coroner’s office to investigate after dying Indigenous woman taunted in hospital /via @globeandmail 

Quebec company with no factory in Canada lands 10-yr, $133M sole-sourced federal deal to make PPE: Medicom has since received a $4M loan from Québec gov't to build a new factory in Montréal & the contractor hired was SNC-Lavalin Group #cdnpoli  #quepoli 

A statement from Patrice Bergeron. To those who wish to support: NAACP Boston: Centre Multiethnique de Quebec:

I’m devastated by the news coming out of Quebec today, an incomprehensible tragedy for any parent. My heart breaks for the family and friends of Norah and Romy - I’m sending you my deepest condolences. Know that all Canadians are keeping you in their thoughts tonight.

A Quebec couple who got off a plane immediately “looked out of place" in Old Crow, Yukon. Turns out, they were taking refuge from COVID-19. “They perceived our community as a life raft from COVID-19,” chief of the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation said.

Quebec City police have arrested a woman for defying an order to self-isolate.