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Putins’ decision to send untrained, underequipped, and largely unwilling men to fight in Ukraine will be a slaughter with little precedent in modern war fighting, @DougKlain  writes.

Hey @LadeBackk  I think this rally fixed everything. Putins nuclear test gone War gone Inflation gone

I can’t imagine having to leave my home — the country I love — because of senseless decisions by my government. Must be hard. But right now, also necessary. The faster Russians stop supporting Putins disastrous invasion of Ukraine, the sooner this war will end.

In reaction to Putins speech today, reupping this piece from last spring The West shouldn’t back down in the face of Putin’s threats

I just listened to putins annex of Ukraine territory’s speech. It’s a battle over Psychops between agencies influence. It makes sense, we use progressive left liberalism just like Russia uses marxism. Battle of attrition, and influence. Mind warfare that manifests. It’s grimy

Putins war, Sanction and all the Swiss loopholes: Looking very much forward to present the views of @vkaramurza  @mbk_center  @Kasparov63  @sguriev  @Saleksashenko  and @Nevzlin  tomorrow. Brought to the world in 10 languages, 5 articles. Great work by @EServettaz . Stay tuned!

Putins speech is filled with lies. I hope the US , in coordination with allies and partners, has an aggressive strategy for refuting them to Russians. Putins lie about NATO threatening to use nuclear weapons against Russia was particularly disgusting.

Nothing good in Putins speech.

Doesn't Putin understand when someone's says they are not bluffing, it means they usually are! The West sees Putin as a clown! Now we will see if Putins supporters will die for him... it's time to put your money where your mouth is. Will you die for #Putin ? #PutinWarCriminalWarCriminal 


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Before invading, Putin and his propagandists claimed that Ukrainians were just Russian with accents and would soon be reunited with their kin from the east. Today, Putins propagandists openly talk about nuking their Slavic brothers and sisters. Wow.

Putins slaughter of innocent Ukrainian children can never be forgiven.

The best way to avoid a conflict between NATO and Russia in the future is to help Ukraine stop Putins killing machine in Ukraine now. It is really that simple. A Putin loss in Ukraine makes conflict with NATO less likely. A Putin win makes conflict with NATO more likely.

If the West is so awful and filled with NAzis, why do all of Putins cronies buy houses in London, base their Yachts in Germany, and send their kids to private boarding schools in Switzerland?

Putins army in Donbas has much great firepower than the Ukrainian army. Leaders of the free world must act faster to alter this balance of power in favor of Ukraine. It’s just that simple.

Attacking a shopping mall on purpose is an act of terrorism. Putins Russia should be designated a state sponsor of terrorism.

Ukraine won decisively the Battle of Kyiv. No matter what happens next, the Ukrainian defeat of Putins army will be remembered in history books for centuries to come.

Almost no one predicted that Putins unprovoked invasion of Ukraine would be so disastrous one month in. To Ukrainian warriors, my deepest respect!

Its time for people living in the free world to stop paying for Putins missiles killing children in Ukraine. Oil and gas sanctions now!

Russian outcry over Bidens comment today about Putin would have a lot more credibility if Putins army was not trying to overthrow the democratically elected president of Ukraine .