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PR NEW PODCAST PR "La Brega" is a series created by a team of Puerto Rican journalists, musicians and artists—about life, power, history and "the hustle" in Puerto Rico. All episodes in English and Spanish are out today! Listen now:

Bipartisan Congressional Group Backs Bill For Puerto Rican Statehood

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The Supreme Court agreed to consider reinstating a law denying disability benefits to Puerto Rican residents, taking up an appeal filed by the Trump administration that President Biden had indicated he would abandon

In 1954, four Puerto Rican nationalists opened fire from the spectators’ gallery of the U.S. House of Representatives, wounding five members of Congress, and more events that happened on this day in history.

ICYMI: We are so excited to share with you a beautiful new show hosted by @AlanaLlama . Introducing La Brega: Stories of the Puerto Rican experience, from @WNYC  Studios & @futurostudios .

Puerto Rican pop star Bad Bunny's success shows how the notion of “popularity” has splintered and become less beholden to the whims of radio programmers and record-store merchandisers, writes @maura .

We asked our Puerto Rican listeners to call in and talk about what "La Brega" means to them, with @AlanaLlama 

Alert: "La Brega" is a new series about power, history and "the hustle" in Puerto Rico, created by a team of Puerto Rican journalists and artists. All episodes in English and Spanish are out today via @WNYCStudios ⁩ @futuromedia ⁩

So excited for @AlanaLlama 's new series: "La Brega," a podcast about the Puerto Rican experience, created by a team of Puerto Rican journalists + artists. All episodes in English and Spanish are out today via @WNYC  Studios & @futurostudios 


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"Bye, Karen. Bye." A white woman called Puerto Rican parkgoers "Mexican" for playing Spanish songs, yelling "This is America!" at them in a Wisconsin park.

My husband and his family are Puerto Rican. They aren't first generation Americans.... because Puerto Rico is an American territory. I feel like this has to be explained every few months and it makes me fear for what is being taught in our schools....

Puerto Rican politicians tried to make it look like President Trump wasn’t sending aid to them after Hurricane Maria in 2017 A video has surfaced showing aid sitting unused in a warehouse They were hiding aid from their citizens who needed it desperately This is disturbing

This is what you get when a Puerto Rican boy and a California Gurl meet! I hope this song gives u permission to move your poom poom ok ☝? ?? #ConCalmaRemix 

The first Puerto Rican woman in Congress just slammed Trump for being "unpresidential."

The Puerto Rican government just updated the official death count for Hurricane Maria from 64 to 2,975 people. and his Administration utterly failed in their response, and US citizens died. That's the appalling, tragic reality.

Tonight was a special night for me. Proud of @justinbieber  and proud to be Puerto Rican. The love was REAL!! I hope DR is ready... #BELIEVE 

Tomorrow, thousands of Puerto Rican evacuees will lose federal housing assistance & many will be left homeless. refuses to set up the longer-term disaster housing program used after Katrina & Sandy. And the GOP is blocking legislation that would do it. This is shameful.

One of our reporters, , made it to this devastated Puerto Rican town no one from FEMA or any other government entity has visited. And it's only 45 mins from San Juan. So how good, , is the USG relief effort?