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Occurred to me some children I met in 2012 Gaza war are now in their 20s (if they survived 3 wars &numerous conflicts since then). Some of the children I met in 2014 war already had severe PTSD. Two boys I met screamed non stop&hid under the bed. One girl was entirely mute. .

Psychedelic mushrooms have been shown in research by MAPS & other organizations to help depression, anxiety, PTSD & other conditions in some cases. Drug laws have severely hindered research & implementation of treatments which could help people. End the drug war & legalize.

“Haunting, Unforgettable Story and to think that it really happened.” #PTSD 

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Why is it that your family can cause the most damage? *Trauma *PTSD#mentalillnessar #dysfunctionalfamily'>Simi #Mentalillnessar #Dysfunctionalfamily to *TheGlassCastle

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Crypto Market: "Industry is healing, true degens are gone, ptsd too high now." Also Crypto Market: "Hey, let’s trade futures off of something that doesn’t have spot market, doesn’t exist yet and might not even exit in the future."

To treat PTSD in veterans and first responders, Connecticut has started the process toward legalizing centers in which psychedelics could be administered. ✍️ Stateline’s @Michael_Ollove  #CTpolitcs 

"M LeMont I think you have reached the pulse of the story. Bravo! One of Palpable darkness; able to be touched or felt. A dark and twisted journey of pain and survival." *PTSD#Mentalillness  #Dysfuctionalfamily 

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Approximately 500,000 men and women who bravely served in the U.S. military over the last 13 years will suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

A former police officer has described the horror Christmas shift he still remembers with vivid detail, and his experience of PTSD that forced him to change careers.

My family shaped me who I am ... and I got better. #Ptsd  #Dysfunctionalfamily 

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@insidepharma  @jimcramerPsychedelics  and MDMA can make a real difference to mental health, especially for extreme depression and PTSD. We should take this seriously.

Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police officer who was assaulted during the U.S. Capitol riot has criticized elected officials for “downplaying” the mob’s violence and says he now suffers from PTSD.

This veteran struggling with PTSD shared a heartfelt voicemail that left for her to show the country his true character

“Two months after treatment, 67 percent of participants in the MDMA group no longer qualified for a diagnosis of PTSD, compared with 32 percent in the placebo group.”

Trump just suggested soldiers suffering from PTSD aren't "strong." That didn't go over well.

Twitter’s at it again. Blocks GOP candidate & veteran @RichforGA ⁩ video doing push-ups for PTSD.

Hong KongPTSD level 'comparable to conflict zones', study finds

I have met with the mothers who have lost their children in war. I have met with the people who came back without arms and legs and with PTSD. War is a horror. And it is time that politicians understood we must do everything we can to avoid war.

I’ve gone to too many funerals in my own state. I’ve talked to too many mothers who’ve lost their kids in war. I’ve talked to too many soldiers who’ve come home with PTSD, who have come home without arms and without legs.

I met a wonderful woman today named Stephanie Keegan. Her son, Sgt. Daniel R. Keegan, 82nd Airborne, served two tours in Afghanistan. He suffered from PTSD and died while waiting over a year for treatment. Stephanie gave me this photo of Dan. Let’s remember him.

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