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At hearing for George Tanios, lawyer is arguing that he brought spray to D.C. on Jan. 6 for self-protection. “The intent wasn’t to go to a riot, the intent was to go to a rally to support their president,” says the lawyer.

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President Biden wants to see the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act passed by May 25th -- the one-year anniversary of Floyd's death. @AlexMillerNews  explains why the issue of qualified immunity might be a sticking point in Congress.

President Biden hopes to sign the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act on May 25, the one year anniversary of Floyd's death, Psaki says. The bill was approved in the House but has yet to receive a Senate vote

An assassination attempt against George W. Bush - this day in 2005. This man - Vladimir Arutyunian - threw a hand grenade at the president during a visit to the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. It landed 65 feet away but failed to explode

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WH's Psaki on "qualified immunity" changes for potential police reform bill: "The president is eager to see what the outcome of negotiations are...his focus is on his hope that he can sign the George fled Justice and Policing Act into law on May 25th."

Not since George H.W. Bush became president more than three decades ago has the White House been so determinedly practical abroad, the Editorial Board writes

The pressure is on Congress after repeated calls from President Joe Biden to pass police reform legislation by the anniversary of George Floyd's death

Former President George W. Bush sat down with Mavs legend Dirk Nowitzki and owner Mark Cuban to talk about how immigrants contribute to American society.​


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Andrea Jenkins, vice president of Minneapolis City Council, says George Floyd and Officer Chauvin worked at restaurant near Third Precinct. "They were coworkers for a very long time."

George Mason, delegate to Constitutional Convention, said in 1788 that a President should not have power to pardon because he might "pardon crimes which were advised by himself. It may happen, at some future day, that he will establish a monarchy, and destroy the republic."

BREAKING: Former President George H.W. Bush has died at age 94.

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Let me get this straight. Democrats want us to forget what they did to: -Michael Flynn -Brett Kavanaugh -Carter Page -George Papadopoulos -KT McFarland -The President and his family

Last night the President called the words Black Lives Matter “a symbol of hate”. No turning back now. He’s running as George Wallace. Unapologetic racism and division. It won’t work.

“Did George Bush ever condemn President Obama after Sandy Hook. President Obama had 32 mass shootings during his reign. Not many people said Obama is out of Control. Mass shootings were happening before the President even thought about running for Pres.” @kilmeade  @foxandfriends 

President George H.W. Bush led a long, successful and beautiful life. Whenever I was with him I saw his absolute joy for life and true pride in his family. His accomplishments were great from beginning to end. He was a truly wonderful man and will be missed by all!

Statement from President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump on the Passing of Former President George H.W. Bush

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America has had its share of crooks (Warren G. Harding, Richard Nixon), bigots (Andrew Jackson, James Buchanan), and incompetents (Andrew Johnson, George W. Bush). But never before Donald Trump have we had a president who combined all these nefarious qualities.

Asbestos was one of the first carcinogens regulated under the Clean Air Act in 1973 (Nixon was president) and then was largely banned in 1989 (George HW Bush was president). No amount of asbestos is safe. Yet, the Trump administration is #MAGA  or making asbestos great again: