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Outstanding news week in the #psychedelic  sector, punctuated by Phase 2a readout from @SmallPharma  SPL026 $DMT compound which can best be described as a 'homerun' result. As well, @MAPS  ED Rick Doblin predicts #MDMA  assisted therapy FDA approval timeline.

Michigan State women's basketball coach Suzy Merchant involved in 'minor' crash

Senior #US  General Predicts War With #China  in 2025, Urges Airmen to Prepare to Come Home in Body Bags

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U.S. could be at war with China in 2025, Air Force general predicts

Michigan State University (MSU) women’s basketball coach Suzy Merchant is in the hospital due to a car crash in the Lansing area.

MSU women's basketball coach Merchant hospitalized after 'minor' crash

US four-star general predicts war with China in two years in chilling memo

#AnantAmbani’s fiancée #RadhikaMerchant  most expensive outfits: From #Sabyasachi  to #dolcegabbana 

Ok he’s a top military guy, I’m not. But he can’t poss know this. What if Putin meets his maker or succumbs to elite politics, & Russia becomes unstable? Chinas nightmare in the east. 1/2 Top US air force general predicts China conflict in 2025 | FT


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You guys know how to make sure Putin keeps arresting Americans and severely punishing them? Trade him an arms dealer aka “The Merchant of Death” someone guilty of conspiring to kill Americans and aiding a terrorist organization for an America Hating WNBA activist. Great trade!

I wish Joe Biden would spend as much time getting hard-working Americans back to work as he did for a Russian international arms dealer. How many people will die in the coming years because of the “merchant of death” will get back to business?

In 2010, 60 Minutes reported on how DEA agents captured Viktor Bout, who's been called the "Merchant of Death."

"Merchant of Death"—That's the nickname of the prisoner Biden returned to Putin. He was convicted of conspiring to kill American law enforcement. This is a gift to Vladimir Putin, and it endangers American lives. Leaving Paul Whelan behind for this is unconscionable.

Simpson’s predicts I buy Twitter S26E12

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"I know her. I don't think she's lying." Former Trump acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney predicts that before the Jan. 6 hearings are over, we'll hear testimony from other Trump figures, including Mark Meadows, following Cassidy Hutchinson's extraordinary testimony today.

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UNBELIEVABLE: President Reagan actually predicts the intolerant fascism that we are now seeing from Democrats all across America.

“Deven Nunes predicts that more examples of Mueller team misconduct will be revealed in coming weeks.” @seanhannity  @FoxNews 

1993 Mission Viejo High School yearbook photo predicts Cubs will win 2016 World Series

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