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Just had a long conversation with a DC cab driver about abortion. He didn’t agree with me, but we had a civil conversation. And, @KatiePMcGrady , I totally have him a #SistersofLife  Litany of Trust prayer card at the end. He said “thank you. I love God.”

“Faith in God and in humanity compels us to persevere in the pursuit of peace through prayer, words, and deeds and not to succumb easily to the enormous challenges.” - Archbishop Gallagher#Ukraine 

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There is no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends, alleluia. Prayer' alt='EveningPrayer' /'>#EveningPrayer 

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Ya'll say a prayer to the road gods for me. My last 3 real vacations started and ended with disasters. Hospitalized after spearing myself (long story), pandemic iced one, initial travel plans scrapped on the third w/ flight cancellation. What's next?

The scenes from Gaylord are just devastating. I’m saying a prayer for all those injured and giving thanks for the first responders and community members who are already working on recovery.

From prayer in schools to limits on faith communities assembling during a pandemic, debates over religious freedom strike at the essence of what it means to be human. Learn more about freedom of religion and the First Amendment.

Last prayer for call holders if it breaks 380s now. No point buying nothing until 360s $SPY

Lord hear my prayer: May I never have a job where I can be referred to as a “staffer.”


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Evidence collected over many years, obtained from many locations, indicates that the power of Prayer is insufficient to stop bullets from killing school children.


It is my great honor to declare Sunday, March 15th as a National Day of Prayer. We are a Country that, throughout our history, has looked to God for protection and strength in times like these....

....No matter where you may be, I encourage you to turn towards prayer in an act of faith. Together, we will easily PREVAIL!

As you know, I designated this day to be a National Day of Prayer. As our Nation heals, our Spirit has never been Stronger!

Palm Sunday is the beginning of a Holy week for many people of Faith and a great day to lift our voices in Prayer. I will be tuning into Pastor@greglaurie  at @harvestriv  Church in Riverside, California tomorrow at 11:00 A.M. Eastern.

Religious people pray for peace, but prayer alone is not enough, what will bring peace in the world is people cultivating peace of mind.

Carrying the Bible and posing it with was strange. Carrying it and not reading a scripture or offering a prayer made it all the stranger. And made it all the clearer that the Bible was not for reference. It was a prop.

Saying a prayer for all the victims & their loved ones, also for the residents & visitors of Las Vegas! This was a horrific act of terror!!