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pows'>Ukraine POWs talk Russian horrors: "To make a one-word statement, all the Geneva Conventions failed."

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SITREP DAY 214 1. @JakeSullivan46  makes firm statement re Putin's veiled nuke threats. Good to see US deterrence doctrine now working well 2. Lavrov complains re Western russophobia at UNGA. Wondering how that could happen 3. @ZelenskyyUa  provides strong guarantees to RUPOWs

Russia may be preparing to forcibly mobilize pows'>Ukrainian POWs to fight for Russia - ISW Russia's TASS reported that Ukrainian POWs held at the Olenivka POW camp ostensibly said they want to join the "DNR’s volunteer Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Cossack Battalion"

Military paramedic Mariana Mamonova freed from Russian captivity on Sep 21 gave birth to daughter this morning It happened at the Lutsk perinatal center this morning four days after the release of her and 214 other pows'>Ukrainian POWs.

If Russian or Russian proxy forces coerce pows'>Ukrainian POWs into combat, as some reports suggest they might do, it would be a violation of the Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War.

Retraction We erroneously reported that Russia is forming a battalion from pows'>Ukrainian POWs. In reality, this is a Russian propaganda narrative that the Center for Countering Disinformation reported on. We apologize for any confusion caused

UK opens a war crimes probe into Graham Phillips, a British citizen and pro-Kremlin YouTuber, for a forced interview designed to "humiliate" pows'>Ukrainian PoWs (The Sun)

Ukraine develops the Kharkiv offensive. My report from the eastern edge of Kupyansk, where the bodies of Russian soldiers still lie on the streets, amid burned-out armor, and where pows'>Russian POWs are picked up in mopping up operations. 📸 @ManuBrabo ⁩

#OpEd Russia’s new law punishing soldiers who surrender “voluntarily” with prison time signals the start of a new chapter in the long and brutal history of pows'>Russian PoWs returning to their homeland, Victor Davidoff writes.


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Lots of videos of pows'>Russian POWs (including a lieutenant-colonel) and abandoned Russian positions coming from the Balakliya-Izyum front as Russian military bloggers and analysts remain in doomsday mode. The speed of the Ukrainian advance seems to have stunned everyone.

Spokeswoman for Donetsk People’s Republic tells Russian military TV that 50 Ukrainian POWs from Azov, kept in a separate barrack, were killed in the Olenivka strike and many more injured. But, what a happy coincidence, none of the Russian guards were killed or injured. 🤔

The men bombing supermarkets, torturing POWs, murdering civilians - all of them are being paid directly with money paid to Russia by Europeans.

Zelensky: Russian attack on Olenivka detention center is a deliberate war crime and mass murder of pows'>Ukrainian POWs. “Every occupier who abuses Ukrainians, who tortures and kills, should know that there will be retribution for this.”

Leaked document from Russia with order to film propaganda videos in order to discredit the attitude of Ukrainian forces to POWs

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#Zakharova : Shocking video footage of Ukrainian militants’ atrocities circled the world recently, showing them beating pows'>Russian POWs, shooting them in the legs, leaving them without medical care. ☝️ All these war crimes are recorded & the perpetrators will be held accountable.

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#Ukraine MoD reports that "hundreds" of parents and wives of Russian military are already calling the Ukrainian hotline for relatives of captured Russian invaders. pows'>Russian POWs are allowed to call home. As many Russians as possible need to know about #RussianArmy  losses.

The POW/MIA Flag's relocation from atop the White House appears inconsistent with the law and is hurtful to veterans and servicemembers – especially POWs, those who did not return home, and their families. The White House should reconsider this decision.

Indecent behavior should be condemned -- including not just faux presidential beheadings but, say, mocking the disabled or denigrating POWs

Trump -Said he didnt respect POWs -Said judge was unqualified due to ethnicity -Dodged draft w/fake bone spurs He’s a patriotism expert?