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I am proud to be part of a group of 11 Senators and 14 Representatives that filed an amicus brief with the Court that argued in defense of Coach Kennedy’s free exercise of his faith. 7/x

Today, the Supreme Court reversed the Ninth Circuit’s decision that allowed Coach Kennedy, a high school football coach in the State of Washington, to be fired for silently kneeling and praying after his team’s games. 1/x

Not only is that conclusion patently absurd, it completely ignores the original understanding of the First Amendment and Supreme Court precedent. That’s what the Supreme Court corrected today. 4/x

Sam Gilliam – the face of the Washington Color School’s second wave – has died.

Hooded rapist attacks woman in her 50s on midnight walk home from pub

… that a government institution must fire a public employee who privately practices his or her faith if there’s a chance someone may interpret the individual’s expression of faith as government-endorsed religion. 3/x

The Establishment Clause is frequently misunderstood—it’s not some kind of disinfectant used to silence individuals who exercise their faith or to remove faith from the public square. 5/x

I watched him for a good long while. I was eighteen or nineteen at the time and believed I was immortal. If I’d realized that I wasn’t, I would have turned around and walked away. After a while I got tired of looking at Jim’s back and the fire-eater’s grimaces Roberto Bolano

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EU’s Simson: To Propose Measures To Curtail Gas Demand In July

Opinion | Semiconductor legislation failures show why the U.S. struggles to compete


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So, to sum up the Supreme Court’s week: life begins at conception and ends in a mass shooting.

Let’s make Twitter maximum fun!

If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya

What a journey… I had no idea what we were in for when I sent this text to my Dad ten years ago at this exact time the band was formed. Thanks to everyone that’s supported us over the years and thanks to the boys for sharing this with me #10YearsOfOneDirection 

ME: Joe, about halfway through the speech, I’m gonna wish you a happy birth-- BIDEN: IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! ME: Joe. Happy birthday to , my brother and the best vice president anybody could have.

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There’s no words to express the pain Im going through with this tragedy of loosing my neice Gigi & my brother @kobebryant  I love u and u will be missed. My condolences goes out to the Bryant family and the families of the other passengers on board. IM SICK RIGHT NOW