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That was perhaps the best speech of Biden's presidency. When he summons his populist side, speaking for people left behind across America, that has real power. And his decency was a contrast to the disrespectful heckling he was subjected to.

Noah Rothman: Biden is making a play to rebuild America’s battered working class. It’s a clever approach, assuming the populist right takes Biden’s bait. If they don’t, it’s worth the gamble.

many populist, protectionist elements to this. appeal to non college educated blue collar people who feel left behind

#BangkokPost : The prime minister warned against populist policies being rolled out by political parties to attract voters, saying their election pledges could inflict financial burdens #politics 

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The left’s power-hungry populist effort to totally DISTORT reality (and do irreparable damage to a generation!) MUST BE STOPPED. Read Michael Lind’s important piece on our very real problem in @tabletmag  👇👇

Police say the wanted man who was arrested after he ran from a traffic stop in Northeast Portland on Monday evening had body armor, guns and ammo, and someone else’s work ID and driver’s license.

Dirty Business: Micheal Flynn is using the Bible to recruit people. The three star General who Trump pardoned is on tour spewing lies “They hate you because they hate Jesus, put on the whole armor of God.” Then he invited people to be baptized. Yea, you heard it right. Baptized!

@JoeNBC  on a roll on phony Ivy League “populist heroes” @GovRonDeSantis , @HawleyMO  “They’re going up against a guy born in Scranton, went to @UDelaware . I think he’s the last state school guy or the last guy (president) not to go to an Ivy League college since Ronald Reagan.”

NATO forces put tanks through their paces, as Ukraine pins its hopes on Western-supplied armor

"While the announcement is expected to make waves, Cowen analysts don't expect House Republicans to approve a higher buyback tax. However, they add that the probability is not zero, given that the GOP has become populist." Act accordingly. $SPX


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I compared Pakistan's former prime minister, Imran Khan, to populist strongman Jair Bolsonaro. To his credit, he took it okay. In the full interview I also told him he was acting a bit like Sherlock Holmes so there was a lot going on! 📺 Watch! @dwnews :

"why the Trumpian populist right is consumed w/hatred for Ukraine—a hatred clearly beyond concerns about the US spending a very small portion of our military budget, or about the nonexistent involvement of American troops—doesn’t have a simple answer." /1

LePen in France and Jansa in Slovenia losing on the same day is a giant victory for the renewal of democratic values in Europe and a huge setback for populist nationalism! Maybe the global tide is turning?

Britain is becoming a police state by stealth. The draconian & deeply undemocratic #PublicOrderBill  just cleared the Commons - 283 in favour, 234 against. Ironically, can only hope the unelected Lords will stand up against this dangerous & populist Govt and vote it down.

Guy wandering around in body armor with an AR-15 caused multiple 911 calls, cops came but determined what he was doing was legal under Oklahoma's "constitutional carry" law, but arrested him because he was in possession of brass knuckles, which are illegal

Stupid populist policy announcement from Truss, followed by screeching u-turn followed by egregious lies. What a grimly familiar cycle. Boris Johnson’s corruption of British politics will not be fixed by his removal from Downing Street.

Why was congressman Mo Brooks wearing body armor to Trump’s “very peaceful” rally?

Donald Trump is the most poisonous populist to come along in the last 150 years. Who would have guessed this stupid showman-cum-huckster could do so much damage?

“Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.” Ephesians 6:13

Of the countries with the most coronavirus cases globally, all of the top 4 have right-wing leaders who espouse populist or anti-science views.