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In Likud, ex-Mossad chief Yossi Cohen most popular to succeed Netanyahupoll

"Juneteenth is this week on Friday. And I know that there is going to be people talking about voting, and mentioning early voting," says David Harding the poll site manager at the Syracuse Community Connection.

The Nationalist Congress Party on Saturday clarified that it has not given any responsibility to poll analyst Prashant Kishor within the party but the party was working on setting up a national front of anti-BJP parties

The Sunday Times/Behaviour and Attitudes survey indicates that Sinn Féin retains the most support at 34%, which is up four points since the last comparable poll in mid-May.

French voters pick country’s political saints and sinners as poll looms Follow our Telegram

Early Voting started TODAY! Hours tomorrow are 8am-5pm. Find your poll site here:

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A week in the after-life: Canadians keen to get back to the future after COVID, poll finds

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📊 A poll of 1,500 people found that 49% disagreed that sports figures and other luminaries should face negative consequences for views that they had expressed as teenagers and later recanted

Poll in @SunTimesIreland /B&A @sinnfeinireland  34% (+4) @FineGael  24% (-4) @fiannafailparty  20% (-2) Great news for Sinn Féin. Surely the biggest lead they have ever had in a poll?


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If anyone had a right to question whether our democracy was worth redeeming, it was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Because in the face of billy clubs and lynchings, poll taxes and literacy tests, he never gave in to violence, never waved a traitorous flag or gave up on our country.

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Don’t act like everyone loved my father. He was assassinated. A 1967 poll reflected that he was one of the most hated men in America. Most hated. Many who quote him now and evoke him to deter justice today would likely hate, and may already hate, the authentic King. #MLK .

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There is tremendous evidence of wide spread voter fraud in that there is irrefutable proof that our Republicanpoll watchers and observers were not allowed to be present in poll counting rooms. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and others. Unconstitutional!

BIG NEWS: poll watcher'>Pennsylvania Poll Watcher: USB Drives uploaded to machines, gave Biden thousands of votes. Says 47 USB Drives are now missing. EVERY UPLOAD GAVE BIDEN 50,000 VOTES. @OANN 

Should President Trump concede to Biden? Poll Results: No: 190,593 (98.9%) Yes: 2,181 (1.1%) Total Votes: 192,774. @gregkellyfox5 @newsmax For the good of our Country we must prevail!

In certain swing states, there were more votes than people who voted, and in big numbers. Does that not really matter? poll watchers'>Stopping Poll Watchers, voting for unsuspecting people, fake ballots and so much more. Such egregious conduct. We will win!

Nobody wants to report that Pennsylvania and Michigan didn’t allow our Poll Watchers and/or Vote Observers to Watch or Observe. This is responsible for hundreds of thousands of votes that should not be allowed to count. Therefore, I easily win both states. Report the News!


They wouldn’t let our Poll Watchers and Observers into the Counting Rooms. We win on that alone!

The pollsters'>Fake Pollsters at @ABC  @washingtonpost  produced a possibly illegal suppression Poll just before the Election showing me down 17 points in Wisconsin when, in fact, on Election Day, the race was even - & we are now preparing to win the state. Many such “deplorable” instances!