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'Time For My Flag to Go Up': How Anti-Trumpers Are Reclaiming the American Flag @JoannaWeiss  / Politico)

My column today continues my lonely crusade to define 'liberal' as meaning 'based on liberty' (UK) rather than 'left-wing' (US). This is the politico-linguistic hill upon which I will die.

‘Time For My Flag to Go Up’: How Anti-Trumpers Are Reclaiming the American Flag - POLITICO

McConnell suspends in-person GOP lunches - POLITICO

Politico gets clever: The Trump White House was "like downing a vat of Tabasco sauce over the past four years, the Biden White House will be like sipping unflavored almond milk.”

Are you on the list? Biden's democracy summit spurs anxieties - and skepticism @nahaltoosi  / Politico)

'Voters, not lawyers, choose the president': Appeals court shoots down Trump suit in Pennsylvania (Politico)


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Biden did poorly in big cities (Politico), except those of Detroit (more votes than people!), Philadelphia, Atlanta and Milwaukee, which he had to win. Not surprisingly, they are all located in the most important swing states, and are long known for being politically corrupt!

When I @Google  “Nunes memo,” the first page of results are from The Atlantic, WaPo, Lawfare, Politico, CNN and NPR. If Google is trying to weed out disinformation, why are they giving me results that are filled with disinfo from news outlets that we now know got it all wrong?

Who is it? Let’s find out. Ron Johnson says committee Republicans blocking Comey, Brennan subpoenas - POLITICO

Police Groups Break With Biden” @politico  His handlers want him to “Defund the Police.” I want more money for Law Enforcement!

I'm old enough to remember when "national emergency" actually meant an emergency to the nation and not an emergency to a damaged politico ego.

We absolutely must, must, resist government run amok taking advantage of a crisis. This is how your liberty dies. Stand up America and resist. DOJ seeks new emergency powers amid coronavirus pandemic - POLITICO

Intel chief releases info on ‘unmasking’ of Flynn to Capitol Hill via @politico 

She would much rather focus on the three-year witchhunt then creating jobs for American workers in a bill that would pass in a bipartisan landslide in about 30 seconds. Sad, but not surprising. Pelosi casts doubt on USMCA passing in 2019 - POLITICO

I’m reminded of a time that former Rep Duncan Hunter Senior yelled at me for reporting on his son’s alleged misuse of campaign funds. And when he told me his son would be president someday. And when he showed up to Politico offices to scold my editors for my reporting.