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The Senate passed my bill naming the Memphis VA Medical Center for the heroic Lt. Col. Luke Weathers, a decorated fighter pilot with the Tuskegee Airmen and Memphis's first Black air traffic controller. Look forward to @POTUS  signing it and celebrating its dedication in Memphis!

BoC To Consider Whether Policy Rate Needs To Rise Further - Drops Language Saying Policy Rate Will Need To Rise Further - Growing Evidence Tighter MonPol Is Restraining Domestic Demand $CAD

Retired Col. Clarence E. “Bud” Anderson was given the honorary rank during a ceremony for the 75th anniversary of the U.S. Air Force’s establishment as a military service.

Retired Col. Clarence E. "Bud" Anderson was given the honorary rank during a ceremony for the 75th anniversary of the U.S. Air Force's establishment as a military service.

Malegaon 2008 blast victim writes to NIA seeking stay on the launch of book on Lt Col Prasad Purohit | @journovidya 

Left out: NYC pol switches to GOP, says Democrats making 'everybody less safe' via @nypmetro 

#DelhiMCDPolls | AAP past halfway mark, threatens to end #BJP 's 15-year reign. "Should respect people's mandate," says Pol Analyst Prof DK Giri "People of Delhi have won," says AAP's Dilip Pandey | @GoyalYashco  LIVE from Delhi BJP Office#ResultsWithNews18  @AnushaSoni23 


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Heartfelt condolences to Col. Santosh Babu who made the Supreme Sacrifice in action at the #GalwanValley  . At a time, when the world is dealing with a serious pandemic, this is the last thing we need. I hope Cheeni sudhar jaayein.

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Why would the people of Texas support Ted Cruz when he has accomplished absolutely nothing for them. He is another all talk, no action pol!

Wow -- Duckworth says she will block Senate approvals of **1,123** senior U.S. Armed Forces promotions until Esper "confirms in writing that he did not, or will not, block the expected and deserved promotion of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman to Colonel."

Who knew? Trump has shown no dictatorial tendencies whatever during this crisis. Contrast his behavior with that of our little Democratic Pol Pots: Governor Whitmer, Governor Beshear, and Mayor de Blasio

Some of Trump's defenders have accused Lt. Col. Vindman—a Purple Heart recipient—of disloyalty to country. I asked Dr. Hill, a fellow immigrant, her response to these scurrilous attacks: "This is a country of immigrants... This is what, for me, really does make America great."

Two stone cold losers from Amazon WP. Almost every story is a made up lie, just like corrupt pol Shifty Schiff, who fraudulently made up my call with Ukraine. Fiction!

My Republican colleagues may try to muddy the waters, but this fact is undisputed: On the July 25 call, Trump asked Zelensky to investigate the Bidens. There's no ambiguity about it. And Lt. Col. Vindman understood that ask as a demand.

Col. Jim Carafano on “Trump has made the Middle East a better place. When Trump came into office, ISIS was running amuck in the Middle East. Over a million refugees poured into Western Europe - none of that is happening today. That’s all due to Trump.”

"Senator Chuck Schumer helping to import Europes problems" said Col.Tony Shaffer. We will stop this craziness! @foxandfriends 

retired US Army Col Ralph Peters, quitting Fox News: "Fox has degenerated from providing a legitimate and much-needed outlet for conservative voices to a mere propaganda machine for a destructive/ethically ruinous administration. I long was proud of the association. Now ashamed”