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But as I've been writing for some time, @Keir_Starmer  was always going to target this issue this summer. Here's how he did it in a PMQs in June:

PMQs: UK headed for 'summer of chaos' due to government inconsistency, Starmer says – video

'Let’s hope that by September, the situation allows for a packed House and a proper PMQs. Parliament, and our politics, desperately needs that injection of life.' ✍️ James Forsyth

Sir Keir claims the country is “heading for a summer of chaos” #PMQs 

PMQs: UK headed for 'summer of chaos' due to government inconsistency, Starmer says – video

"The final PMQs before recess had a surreal, end-of-term feel to it, like a school suffering from post-exam torpor" | Writes Madeline Grant

Audio problems cause chaos during #PMQs  as Boris Johnson self-isolates at Chequers

Who won this week’s #PMQs ? We’ve scored Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer


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The Prime Minister says Labour voted against the indicative pay rise for NHS staff last year. We didn't. He lied. #pmqs 

Is restoring grouse shooting really @BorisJohnson 's priority? #PMQs 

Lying in Parliament used to be a resigning matter. We now have a Prime Minister who does it at least once every week at PMQs. Here are three from the last three weeks.

PMQs@Keir_Starmer  v @BorisJohnson  exchanges becoming embarrassing. Serious v trivial. Detailed v bluster. Fact v lies. Johnson was the worst foreign secretary of modern times. Now without doubt the worst PM.

Tho it’s unlikely to manifest itself at PMQs today, there is mounting unease, even anger, among Tory backbenchers and grassroots at what they perceive as indecisive, even incompetent leadership from Boris Johnson at this stage in the Covid crisis.

Tory MPs cheering on 64,000 excess deaths as something to be proud of is not a good look, guys. #PMQs 

Keir Starmer needs to be careful here - if he keeps exposing Boris Johnson this painfully, the Govt will boycott him too. #pmqs