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Prof. @danielmkovalik  of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law joins to help Faran Fronzak break down the European reaction to Washington's ongoing efforts to contain #Russia  and meddle in former Soviet states. #Ukraine  #NATO  #QuestionMore 

22 PERCENT RAISE: In late December, Pittsburgh City Council members voted to give themselves a $16,000 pay raise.

Pittsburgh councilman Ricky Burgess told his fellow council members that he thinks mandating police officers to indicate why they’re stopping a pedestrian without a warrant may have a “chilling effect on unnecessary stops.”

@TheAthletic  article claims Steelers had deal in place to trade Big Ben to the 49ers. Likely before 2010 season.

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Pittsburgh City Council has opened a bill that would annex and merge with surrounding municipalities.

“To say that Barry Bonds is not a Hall of Famer, I just don’t think that’s right,” said former Pirates manager Jim Leyland, who managed the 7-time MVP winner in Pittsburgh.

@RobPratte tells his listeners why President Biden's visit to Pittsburgh will mean good things.

After saying he has a few years left in him, Jeff Carter signs a two-year contract extension to remain in Pittsburgh.

A Supreme Court Justice considers retirement, self-driving cars moving forward in Pittsburgh, and the Penguins incredible run keeps on going. All that and more with @rickdayton  on #TheDriveat5 


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By rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, President Biden indicates he’s more interested in the views of the citizens of Paris than in the jobs of the citizens of Pittsburgh. This agreement will do little to affect the climate and will harm the livelihoods of Americans.

After raising employee wages to $15/hour, Klavon's Ice Cream Parlor in Pittsburgh received "well over 1,000 applications" for job openings. Co-owner Jacob Hanchar says customer service has improved and he hasn't "noticed a difference on our bottom line." in Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and elsewhere. In all Swing State cases, there are far more votes than are necessary to win the State, and the Election itself. Therefore, VOTES CANNOT BE CERTIFIED. THIS ELECTION IS UNDER PROTEST!

700,000 ballots were not allowed to be viewed in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh which means, based on our great Constitution, we win the State of Pennsylvania!

If Biden’s Polling wasn’t going down, and fast, he wouldn’t be going to Pittsburgh.

BLM Protesters horribly harass elderly Pittsburgh diners, scaring them with loud taunts while taking their food right off their plate. These Anarchists, not protesters, are Biden voters, but he has no control and nothing to say. Disgraceful. Never seen anything like it. Thugs!

Joe Biden is coming out of the basement earlier than his hoped for ten days because his people told him he has no choice, his poll numbers are PLUNGING! Going to Pittsburgh, where I have helped industry to a record last year, & then back to his basement for an extended period...

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: A wonderful 44-seconds. This was how the peaceful protest concluded yesterday — with one of the organizers giving the state police water that was donated to protesters. Please listen to his words.?❤️

Big $$$$ headed to the Pittsburgh area! I’m sending $141.7M in CARES Act funding to @PGHtransit  from @USDOT  to aid in the recovery. This will be critical to helping people get where they need to go and more importantly, keeping them SAFE!