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$AWON OMG price hits the 9EMA with a hard oversold pincher set up in play. ADX is cued for some bullish movement making me think that the 200MA might be an easy objective here! I’m sure PSAR will be around .006 to start the week and with that there may be a full onslaught ahead!

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@RishiSunak  finally hits his stride. Reminds the audience it was Johnson's lies about Pincher that were indefensible. "Maybe you're OK to defend that, I was not OK to defend it," he tells a Tory party member. Sounds best when he gets serious.

$MJNE tier change up to QB status as price forms an ascending triangle and is locked down but looking to break above the 200MA! Perhaps this is the shot in the arm it needs! A pincher is working itself into the picture as well, so I am expecting good things here!

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Rishi Sunak says Chris Pincher groping case and economic differences with Boris Johnson forced him to walk out

$AWON sat all day absorbing shares near the 52 week low, but they stopped filling my starter as the ok volume dried up on this lowish float! Great spot imo with a oversold pincher forming. Yes I did say oversold and the ADX looks like it only has bullishness left for it to go!

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Downing Street has refused to release the bombshell texts between Boris Johnson and Chris Pincher that led to the disgraced former whip’s resignation

@charter_now  $ATIG pincher is now pinched and is flattening out, while price is forming a bottom. It won’t be too long and this thing will make a sharp move higher! The pieces are falling into place!

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What did all the candidates telling us they have honour and integrity do when Pincher was promoted? Where were they? They all cared when it suited them, why didn't they care sooner?

I see we truly have cleared out Boris Johnson's era by following it up with two of his most fierce loyalists. Both let Pincher waltz into his job, both defended Johnson on Partygate, both have overseen all the services currently crumbling. Bravo Tory MPs you've played a blinder

The Conservatives said the Pincher scandal was why Johnson had to go. One day later, they promote Sarah Dines MP who gaslighted Pincher’s abuse victim because he’s gay. The problem isn’t the man at the top, it’s the entire Conservative Party

Boris Johnson’s desperate attempts to cover up what he knew about complaints against pincher'>Chris Pincher have been blown out the water. It’s clear the PM knew about the seriousness of these complaints but promoted this man anyway. He refused to act and then lied about what he knew.

removing the whip from Tobias Ellwood and not Chris Pincher is the final reminder of why the last regime was….problematic

There can be no question of the Conservatives sweeping a potential sexual assault under the carpet. Boris Johnson must now answer how pincher'>Chris Pincher can remain a Conservative MP at all. Standards in public life have been utterly degraded on this PM’s watch.

There can be no way Pincher can remain an MP, a constituent of his has written to me to say how can they feel safe going to him.

pincher'>Chris Pincher is still an MP. He's not even suspended. Just think about that for a moment and realise just how bad our political system is.

pincher'>Surely Chris Pincher has to resign as an MP. How could he ever come back?

Off the top of my head, Allegra Stratton, Matt Hancock, Neil Parish & pincher'>Chris Pincher have resigned from a government led by a man who has repeatedly behaved far, far worse...